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Keeping Your Hair Healthy While Wearing a Wig.

Surprisingly, almost every woman is turning to wigs as an easy way of changing their hairstyles without incurring expenses related to going to a salon. You will also save the time you spend going to a salon.

Although wigs are a versatile option whenever someone wants to alter their hairstyle, it is good to have tips on caring for your natural hair. It can be a great loss to damage your hair in the name of achieving a stunning look by wearing a wig. Despite the synthetic or human hair wigs you wish to wear on your head, your natural hair should remain healthy.

Follow these steps to ensure you maintain your natural hair healthy:

1.      Moisturize your hair and scalp daily. The use of moisturizers prevents dryness, which causes hair breakage. You should use products that contain high levels of moisturizers, such as glycerin.

2.      If you buy wigs that have combs, you will always put your natural hair at risk. The com teeth are likely to break your natural hair. To avoid friction between the comb teeth and your hair, you can remove them using a seam ripper then use a few bobby pins instead. These pins are necessary for the wig to adhere to your hair. Oiling the comb teeth is also a paramount idea to reduce friction with your hair.

3.      Whenever possible, avoid wigs that have tight mesh caps. Any wig that has close-knits has very close contact between your hair and its mesh. This eventually breaks your natural hair. To protect your hair, go for wigs with loose meshes to reduce the hair-mesh contact and reduce breakage chances. On the other hand, you may opt to use a high-quality silk cap under your human hair or synthetic wig. If the cap is pulling on the edges, it causes hair breakage on the edges too.

4.      It is also good to avoid products with short-chained alcohols. If you use them, they will evaporate within no time and leave your hair dry and prone to damage. Too much of anything is also poisonous. Hence, the products you use on your hair should only contain moisturizing alcohols like ceteryl alcohol and not any other types of alcohol.

5.      Don’t forget that your hair needs a break, and therefore you shouldn’t wear a wig always. Hair needs to breathe and relax. Continuously wearing a wig leads to hair breakage. So, you can remove your wig when you get home after work and wear it the following day.

6.      Remember to moisturize your hair and wrap it with a silk cap every day before going to bed. This ensures that your hair is not dried by the bed sheets or even the pillowcases. Drying makes your natural hair to break.

7.      Any wig user should also shampoo and condition their hair weekly and not forgetting to deep condition it monthly to strengthen it.

8.      If you want to braid your hair, it is advisable to have it all braided under the wig to avoid exposing some parts to the danger of breaking.

With the above-listed tips, you are in a position to keep your hair healthy and elegant that you won’t regret your wig. Whether you love bob wigs, wet and wavy wigs, straight, wavy, or curly human hair wigs, you must adhere to these tips to safeguard your hair.

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