Friday, September 29, 2023
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Keeping Your Pool Clean Without Using a Lot of Chlorine

When you think of taking a deep in the pool on those hot days, you imagine yourself in a clean blue pool that glistens in the sun. Such an inviting look, and to get it this appealing we must use chlorine, many pool owners in Australia have used it to keep their pools clean and sanitised.

And if we go a little back in time, in the 1800s chlorine was used to sterilise swimming pools and drinking water. Still, chlorine has not been friendly to us, especially after a long day of swimming you notice your eyes get red, makes your skin super dry, might cause some skin reaction for others, and it can be a problem for other as it can cause bronchial problems.

As you can see, it is not ideal but still gets the job done by keeping your pool clean, we can't eliminate its use, but we can reduce the amount we use. Read and find out how you can go about this. 

Three simple ways to clean your pool with less chlorine use

  1. Some air can do the trick The Ozone is made of three atoms, two of the atoms help it sustain life, while the third one destroys, when it comes to your pool, it will kill the micro-organisms plus any other contaminants present this how the Ozone keeps your pool clean. To create this Ozone, you need to get an ozone generator. It is designed with an ultraviolet bulb or corona discharge; it will take in the regular oxygen, then add in the third atom creating that Ozone covering. The Ozone can only last 20 minutes to a maximum of an hour before it reverts to ordinary oxygen. In this case, you will need a small chlorine primer to supplement, which keeps your pool clean for longer without too much use of chlorine.
  2. The use of light UV bulbs have been a standard go-to sterilise equipment's, something that can be used in your pool while also generate the Ozone, thus consider getting a UV filter to keep your pool clean. The filter will pass the water through powerful UV rays that have been designed in a chamber. The water will automatically flow in and out of this filter, the treated water mixing with the rest of the pool water; this process is done till the water is clean. And the good thing, this doesn't need added chlorine, it won't make your water look nice and sparkling but offers your skin a refreshing feel when you take a deep.
  3. Minerals and salts can also do the trick. You can use salts and minerals to keep you pool clean, the salts are a little chlorinated, but it is much milder than the powder form of chlorine. The salty water pools use table salt and turn it to chlorinated gas, which dissolves and turns into liquid chlorine. It is a never-ending cycle, from slat, to chlorine and back to salt while keeping your pool clean. This option's properties are much kinder, especially to your skin but still gets the germs killed and keeps your pool clean. But for effective results, you will need to add a small amount of chlorine, but not a lot that will bother you while swimming.
Happy and want to see everyone happy. Share whatever I know, and I found shareable, helpful and have meaning. Currently writing for CCSU Blog Meerut University Project
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