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Key Differences Between Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Pro Coating

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Exterior protection for your newly bought car is highly important. Before taking your new ride out on the roads, you may need to make sure that your car’s exterior is fully protected against external harmful factors such as dust, scratches, grime, and harmful UV rays coming from the sun. The physical appearance of your car can make or break its market value. It is only a matter of time to decide the right time for your car to be protected with the right kind of protection solution. If you have already done some study over the internet, you may have found two market competitive solutions for your exterior’s long-term protection. Paint protection film and ceramic pro coating have their own protection benefits for your car. However, you may have this question like many other car owners that which one of the two solutions can work better for your car. Before you jump on to making a decision, here’s what you need to know.

What is Paint Protection Film?

The paint protection film is a transparent film made of the urethane used to apply on the painted surface to resist external interference. There are various forms of paint protection film popular in the market based on the preferences of car owners. Clear bra protection and stealth paint protection are among the highlights. Here is a list of damages that a paint protection film can cover:

  • Chips, scratches, and dirt patches caused by debris
  • Stains of chemicals
  • Etch marks caused by acidic compounds
  • Hard water and mineral deposits
  • Fading and dullness of paint due to UV rays

Before we move onto ceramic pro coating, we’d like to mention that you can always look up for professional clear bra installation Fremont CA.

What is Ceramic Pro Coating?

Ceramic pro layer or coating is a liquid nano-ceramic polymer coating applied to the exterior surface of a vehicle. Ceramic pro chemically bonds with the factory paint of the car, forming a protective hydrophobic surface. The chemical composition of ceramic pro allows it to act as a hard and tough shield against the external environment. The major benefits of ceramic pro are listed below:

  • Cleaner and sleeker appearance for years
  • Easier and minimum cleaning required
  • Protection from UV rays
  • Protection from chemical marks or stains

Difference Between Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Pro Coating

Regardless of the similar sets of goals offered by the two protection solutions, there are significant differences between the two. Paint protection film has a thicker presence than ceramic pro. Additionally, paint protection film has a chemical structure that allows it to go through a self-healing effect in case of exposure to indentation. Ceramic Pro, on the other hand, does not completely eliminate the risk of scratches, rock chips and hard water spots from a car’s exterior. However, ceramic pro does stand out in terms of its strength and durability being a hydrophobic surface.


Based on the qualities of each, you can choose the one you like for your car. You can also try a combo layer comprising of the two techniques. You can look up on the internet for auto vinyl wrap Fremont CA and find some of the professional auto detailing services as per your suitability.

Long-term and Purposeful Investment


The ceramic pro coating is a long-term and durable alternative to auto detailing service. The liquid Nano ceramic coating bonds chemically with the paint of your car and acts as a tough protective shield against dirt, scratches, and deterioration. While you may have to make frequent appointments for auto detailing throughout a year, the ceramic pro coating can keep your car protected and scratch less for up to ten years. The coating provides permanent protection to the vehicle’s exterior saving it from extra maintenance costs. Moreover, the resale market value of your car will be higher based on the tangible benefits you get from the ceramic pro coating, and the warranty is transferrable to the new car owner as well. 


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