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Key Differences of Graphic Designing Through Digital and Print Media

Businesses are not just confined to general stores anymore. It has taken massive leaps and bounds to enter the globally digitized media and its networks. Earlier, it used to deal with local consumers covering a specific region. Through online business one can cover the users of larger areas of a country and expand across several countries at the same time. This, however, is mainly possible due to advances in digital media.

Digital marketing is the most crucial factor of online businesses. Unless and until businessmen follow strategic marketing solutions, it is quite difficult to sustain in this highly competitive market. Both digital and print media has its own pros and cons and affects business operations. No matter how the project is designed, there are certain factors that can bring massive changes.

Diverging Points When Designed with Digital and Print Media

#1. Lifecycle and changeability

Designing work using just print media is a static process and making changes in it can prove to be a bit costly. Undoubtedly, the layout which is obtained through print media is unique and easily presentable. However, the changes can easily be made through graphic designing. At every step of the process, it is quite easy to make the required changes which, however, are a bit difficult and costly as well in print designs. In such a scenario, the proofing work in printing should be thorough to avoid such hassles.

#2. Involving the viewer’s senses

With print media, it is quite easy to engage the audience or viewers on the physical level. When the designs are to be handled, it is important to consider the weight, texture, quality of the canvas, paper, foam or other print material. Digital designing is associated with great scrolling which usually restricts one to use their tactile senses. One can only view it on the digital platform thus failing to get the accurate dimensions.

#3. Overall space and layout

In the print media, allotted space is provided to the graphic designers where they have to portray their ideas. However, in web or digital media, it is quite easy to design without any restrictions of space or layout. Sizing issues are often faced in print mediums. However, there are no restrictions of sizing and space in the web. However, it can be customized when printed on a final sheet or even left as it is.

#4. Colour and its resolution

In digital and print media, the colour and prospective resolution totally varies. In other words, in digital designing, the image resolution or quality is generally determined through RGB and PPI. On the other hand, in print media designing, the image quality is decided through CMYK and DPI. Such indexes are controlled when designed through a particular media. Designers should be aware of the resolution factor in order to obtain the best image quality.

Overall Look on Digital and Print Media Designing

The main purpose of both the designing prospects is to attract large number of customers towards the brand. The designing work should be carried out marvellously with the combination of texts and images so that a unique brand image is created. In this regard, you need to approach certified and trusted graphic design companies.

In order to enhance online presence, it would be wise to approach web designers who would customise your business’ web pages. Unless and until strategic plans are made, it is quite difficult to obtain an innovative and exclusive design for the brand and the products. The success of digital marketing greatly depends on catchy and unique web designs customised to suit business needs.

Ashley Kinsela
Ashley Kinsela
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