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Key Duplication Near Me: The Benefits of Duplicate Keys

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It can be a frustrating experience whenever you lose or misplace your keys, be it your house keys or your car keys. This is because being locked out can put you in an awkward and annoying situation. That is why these days, having duplicate keys is an absolute must. You won't have to break a window or pry the door to your house open. You can forgo contacting a locksmith to assist you, and getting stranded will no longer be something you'll have to experience. 


However, if you’re still not convinced and the words "Looking for key duplication near me" have not crossed your internet search, here are a few reasons why you should change your mind and get duplicate keys:


For Convenience


There are so many situations where having a backup key can help you in more ways than one, such as it will help save you a lot of time and money. You won't need car replacement keys or head to a locksmith if you already have a set of duplicates. Your keys are also very important when it comes to your security. If you lost them, it could have serious consequences, so you need duplicate keys to mitigate the problems that might arise.    


For Emergencies


One of the reasons why you need to have duplicate keys is so that you’re well-prepared in case an emergency happens. You can give out copies of your keys to your family members or loved ones, for example. This is so they can have access to your house or car when the need arises. When you also need to travel in very remote locations, and you might have locked yourself out of your vehicle during your trip, your duplicate keys will save the day.


For Necessity


For those who have businesses, having duplicate keys is a requirement for security purposes. They usually make use of these backup keys whenever a tenant or employee misplaces their keys. It is preferable for situations that need quick responses.  


Tips for Key Duplication


  • There are many types of keys to choose from. For instance, you can choose keys that have "Do not duplicate" printed on them as a security measure. This way, locksmiths will know that they are not supposed to duplicate them unless there is a written and signed permission from the owner.

  • If you lose your duplicate keys, make sure to change your locks. This is so that you'll be safe from people who might have stolen it or picked it up.

  • You can use restricted keys. These are keys that are illegal to duplicate. The rights are limited only to the key's original manufacturer. Keys marked as "MASTER" or "MK" will require authorization before you can duplicate them. You should choose this type of key if you want a higher level of security.

  • You'll still need the help of a professional locksmith. Even though you want to avoid letting them go to where you are locked out, you need someone who is trained and skilled for key duplication and unlocking locks. Locksmiths are the ones who will help secure your property and keep any knowledge that comes their way as confidential.  


So if you’re finally searching for "key duplication near me" in your browser, you won't have to look far with 1-800-Unlocks. They can help you find only the most trusted locksmiths in your area. From automotive locksmith, residential locksmith to safe locksmith, among others, they offer it all for you. You can get your duplicate keys by looking into their various listings, and rest assured that they only provide the best services throughout the USA region. 

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