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Key factors to find reliable wholesale suppliers

Buying wholesale to sell on Amazon is a bit tricky because Amazon has its own brand restrictions. One must always be painstakingly careful in choosing the brand, and hence, the wholesale supplier with which one wants to do have a business relationship. In addition to the above list of Amazon approved wholesale suppliers which are one of the best wholesalers for Amazon, there can be no over stressing the fact that a wrong choice of wholesaler is fatal to your business. Hence, it is of utmost importance that the wholesale sources for Amazon sellers are chosen as carefully as possible.

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In this post, I'll list 5 key factors to help you to find reliable wholesale suppliers for your Amazon e-commerce business.

Recently, there has been an increase in brand restrictions on Amazon. This means that more and more brands require approval, obtained by getting invoices directly from an authorized distributor or a letter from the brand owner along with an occasional application fee, which states that you can sell their products. Consequently, many new sellers are unable to sell some of the most popular brands on Amazon FBA wholesale.

Here are some points which must be taken into consideration while making this very important choice when it comes to Amazon wholesale, amazon marketplace wholesale, and buying wholesale from Amazon:

Reliable Vendors:

A very important part of a successful business is having a healthy relationship with the vendor. For this, you must ensure that you’re working with genuine, factory authorized wholesale suppliers and not con-men. Since those will be directly connected to the manufacturers, they’ll also offer you the best pricing. To get in contact with an authentic supplier, registered business is a must. Unreliable vendors prove to be harmful to your business at any time in the future because they are not trustworthy with money transactions, delivery responsibility, etc.

Shipping and Delivery:

Since more often than not, the products you order will be delivered from overseas, ensure that you get the best possible prices on shipping. Not only charges, one has to make sure that the deliveries are made as soon as possible and with little or no damage to the products. Reliable suppliers should offer the most transparent and reliable shipping charge policy and is one of the most affordable suppliers internationally. It also prides itself on its on-time and safe delivery culture. Furthermore, it has one of the best logistics services in the world and has a number of warehouses worldwide which ensures that one gets the quickest possible deliveries.

Steady Inventory:

One should be absolutely sure that the vendor you’re buying from has a steady and uniform inventory. This is important because small wholesalers which can go under any time with little or no notice are a bit of a risk when starting such a business. A uniform inventory is also required for the sake of your customers who order certain products on a regular basis and hence, form a huge chunk of your revenue. Also, steady inventory forms a major part of brand name and fame, due to which it is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a supplier for wholesale for Amazon sellers.


Check for their reviews on trustworthy websites. There are mostly honest reviews on these sites and that could be a big factor on getting to know about the customer services, how smooth their operations are and whether it has any major flaw which could become a problem for business. Some websites have really good customer service and you have to target those. A big part of Amazon marketplace wholesale service is dependent on customer reviews and hence, better the reviews, more the probability of popularity of the products that you’re selling.

Payment Methods and Delivery Options:

Check the website and confirm whether the payment options and delivery methods, like policies, will not pose any problems in the future. If possible, find the average time it takes for them to deliver the products to where you aim to set your business. Chinabrands offers the most versatile options for payment and has one of the fastest delivery times.

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