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Key Tips and Tricks to Create an Effective Social Media Strategy

You do not need to go through a painful and long process to create a Social Media strategy that works. This article will show you how to create a full-fledged Social Media strategy in eight easy steps.

Social Media strategy is all about planning a path that leads to success on social platforms. It involves setting benchmarks and then monitoring if you are actually going in the right direction. All you need to do is to make a concise plan that is specific, realistic, and easy to implement.

Here are some key steps to create an effective Social Media strategy:

  1. Choosing goals that go hand in hand with the company objectives

S.M.A.R.T Goals

Setting up realistic objectives is the first step of creating a long-term strategy. You cannot measure the returns if you don’t have a specific objective.

Some key characteristics of smart Goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound. Make sure that your set objectives have these characteristics. Following this framework will allow you to get the desired results. Your goals should be specific enough to give an idea about how much time it’ll take to achieve them, the tools and resources required, and the end result is clear.

  1. Know your audience

It is absolutely critical to understand your audience. What this does is that it allows you to tailor your strategy and add specific objectives according to the likes and dislikes of your audience. For example, if your audience is young, you have to create content that excites them, that they can relate to. Otherwise, it will be nearly impossible to get the attention that you need. 

Some of the characteristics of your audience defined by some of the best Social Media Marketing Agencies in Dubai are age, geographical location, income, industry, their interests, etc.

  1. Gather Enough Data

Gathering enough statistical data will give you surprising insights about your audience that you might have easily missed. For example, if you believe that millennials do not use Facebook as much as baby boomers, this is a general perception. 

However, stats show that millennials still outnumber baby boomers on Facebook and this stat saved you from completely missing a huge opportunity of engaging your audience on Facebook if you are targeting young people.

Use Social Media analytics to gather data and information about who your audience is, what are their interests, and what do they search for on Social Media. These key insights will allow you to target the exact audience that you are looking for. 

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  1. Understand your competition

It is empirical for you to understand your competition. It is highly possible that your competitors are on Social Media. An in-depth analysis will allow you to understand what they are doing and if what they are doing is working or not. 

It will also give you ideas about what you can do better to achieve your goals. Moreover, making counter strategies would be easier for you if you have data about your competitors. You’ll be able to find newer opportunities that were missing on.

  1. Conduct Social Media audit

Make sure that you are constantly tracking your progress. Ask yourself questions like what’s working for you and what’s not working for you and how you are doing as compared to your competition and if you are able to engage your audience properly or not.

This key information will allow you to improve your existing strategy so that you can gain further. This audit should give you a clear idea of where you are standing right now so that you can make a plan to reach where you want to be. 

  1. Understand that perfect content mix for you

While creating a strategy, clearly understand how much content and what time of content you are going to create. Also, the objectives of specific types of content should be clear. The reason is that not everything works and different types of content yield different results. 

For example, decide how much content you’d write to drive traffic to your website and how much to engage the existing audience. For example 50% for engagement, 30% for lead generation, and 20% for portraying the company’s true image.

This will help you focus on all the key aspects and leave none. A simple rule for content creations is 80-20. In which 80% should be educational, informational content and 20% should be directly related to your brand. Moreover, use content scheduling tools to stay right on top of your Social Media posting. Be sure to create a monthly calendar with set goals to achieve. 

Creating a Social Media strategy doesn’t have to be too complicated. It just needs to have some key factors that make the difference. Use these tips and tricks to make your Social Media strategy effective


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