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Key Tips For Expanding Your Network

When you own your own business or work for a company oftentimes networking is very important. Not only does networking bring in a wider customer base but it also allows your company to grow and learn. Below are some top tips and tricks for expanding your network.

Interact Online

It is no secret that social media is blowing up right now. Not only are social sites very popular with young kids and teens but they also are increasingly popular with adults. Many adults are now using social media to showcase their businesses as well as their personal interests. Interacting and engaging online is one of the best ways to grow your online presence. Follow like-minded pages and be sure to like posts and comments to create a rapport with others. Follow pages and naturally pages will begin following back. Be sure to make a social media page for all of the different sites that are available as each one brings their own benefits.

Attend Seminars

Another great way to expand your network is to attend seminars that are related to your field. Not only is it a good way to make contacts but it is also a great way to see the competition as well as a great way to be inspired by others. Information about seminars can be found online or even in the local newspaper.

Take Classes

A great way to expand your network and learn more about any field is to take classes or attend school. Not only will this help to improve your overall knowledge but it also looks good on paper and can make you stand out in a crowd of applications. Many schools even offer online classes now such as USC's online MBA which offers business owners and students a Master of Business Administration.

Host A Get Together

If attending a seminar is not an option, host your own seminar or get together. Get some friends or family to help out and throw together a small get together in which like-minded people get together and network and share ideas. One of the biggest benefits of social media is you can get the word out to a large number of people in one shot and most social sites even allow you to track how many people are interested in the event.

Ask For Referrals

Many people forget to ask friends and family for referrals. Not only is there a chance that they may know someone who can help you but they may also be able to help you themselves. It never hurts to ask.

Speak Up

Everywhere you go and everyone you meet is a chance for you to network and get to know people. Simply speaking up more is a great way to network. Tell people what you do, share your hobbies and interests and always be sure to ask about their interests and hobbies.


Publicizing yourself is a great way to have people see your business. Not only does it attract more people but it also allows you to hone in on exactly what people want out of your business. 


Get Business Cards

Getting business cards made is not only a simple way to share your information when networking but it also looks more professional and legitimate. Nowadays many different companies offer cards at a very reasonable price. Overall, these are just a few of the different things you can do to expand your network. Some other things to keep in mind is to join organizations specialized in your field or even offer to volunteer to a cause in your field to gain more experience and knowledge.

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