Kitchen Cooking Tools & Accessories for Everyday Use


Summary: When it comes to the kitchen, one needs to make sure they have all the right cooking tools to cook well and to stay safe. In this article, we look at different cooking tools and equipment that one can use around their home.

Cooking should be a chore – it can be one of the most rewarding things to do, especially after a hard day's work. Certain kitchen cooking tools are necessary just like best traps for rats are essential in an infested basement! One wants to cook efficiently, safely and create outstanding food that tastes great whenever possible. If you’re not sure where to begin, we’ve come up with a series of must-have cooking tools and accessories that you can use every day. Let’s dive in and see what we have in store!

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Chefs knife

Even if you’re not particularly “cheffy”, a chef’s knife is the one true knife to have in any kitchen. The length of their blade, their stability and durability make it completely necessary. If you’re going to buy any kind of knife, make sure it’s a chef’s knife. The name may lead one to believe that it is only for chefs, however, it is really a necessity for everyone who’s cooking.

Cutting board

Cutting things safely is key to cooking in the kitchen. If one does not use a cutting board, they may risk cutting themselves and could have a rather nasty accident. Moreover, cutting boards protect the surface of the kitchen to stop it from getting damaged. When buying cutting boards, make sure you choose more than one if you are a meat eater – you will need a separate board for meat so that the kitchen can be a hygienic place.

Can opener

Because so many wonderful things are contained in cans, can openers really are a staple of the kitchen. Without one, you’re really doomed! They are very cheap and can be picked up almost anywhere. Certainly, a must-have for any cooking tools list.


Measuring materials

In order to get precise measurements, purchase measuring cups and spoons. A lot of recipes have intricate measurements that if not followed as an exact science, can create an undesirable end product. Know how much you’re putting in to enhance what you get out by using measuring tools for cooking.

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Grating vegetables as one of the best things to do. One can make salads, sauerkraut and can very quickly reduce the cooking time of various veg with one of these cooking tools. You’ll be sure to make use of your grater in any kitchen.

Vegetable peeler

Have you ever tried peeling 20 potatoes? It can certainly be a drag. All the best chefs in the world have vegetable peelers in their home kitchens because, without these valuable cooking tools, the task of peeling vegetables is very daunting. Vegetable peelers will also take off less material under vegetable skin than if you were to peel with a knife.

Food processor

These incredible gadgets make cooking super fast and super fun. One can create a salad in  ¼ of the time and can make pastes from scratch. There are just too many applications for a food processor in any kitchen!

Enjoy your cooking tools

That’s about it from us, but we hope you’ve enjoyed our list of cooking tools! Not only will they enhance any kitchen experience but they will help you stay safe too. Have fun and come up with some great recipes.

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Our Author: Lucas Cappel is an absolute foodie and worked in a Michelin star restaurant for several years. Now in his retirement, Lucas likes to work as a copywriter and has written hundreds of pieces of food, professional home reviews, and kitchens to date. If you find in this hometown of London, you’re probably seeing foraging for some food growing in the local parks.