Kitchen Gardening, A Representation Of Healthy Mindset & Lifestyle!


If you have reached at a stage of your life where you do concern about what you should eat and what not, let me tell you are now becoming self-aware. If you are taking it seriously that what your need as food and what you should skip or lower its amount of intake according to your body needs and it’s capability to digest food then you are really have moved forward one step of your journey of self-awareness.If you are in UK Birmingham then you can visit gardener Birmingham here for amazing services.

As Self-awareness tells us which food stuff is better to eat and which one is not so, it’s very simple to make realization that self-cultivated organic food is best for health because it’s

•    Pure
•    Fresh
•    Grown without hazardous sprays
•    Taste better
•    High in nutrition content
•    Saves money
•    Provides best utilization of time
•    Available at home, saves time of market visit
•    You can grow vegetables, fruits, flowers of your own choice
•    Gives chance to spend more time with nature
•    Adds in decoration of house
•    Gives and maintains pure air & environment at home
•    Greenery gives comfort to eyes & a cooling effect to mind

After knowing a huge number of benefits of kitchen gardening one can make his mind to pursue this idea, and after making your mind now the time is to gain knowledge about it.

 Let me firstly  tell you that it will going to change your lifestyle also, it’s not an irregular choice that you can do for some days & then can skip for a lot of days. Itneeds consistency, it needs you to awake early in the morning and water the plants, it will require you to manage your time for it at daily basis just like for your first love which you want to see first in morning! 


Yes, you can laugh at my compliment of first love but when you will initiate it, you will somehow feel my words. When it will trigger an urge in you to awake early in the morning and feel the relaxing and cool breath of own cultivated plants, it will make you to consider it as a priority!

So, the knowledge which you have to gain first can include:          

•    Which site should be selected for kitchen gardening?
•    What is the process of sowing seeds or doing grafting of some specific plants/vegetables?
•    How to take care of them?
•    How to grow them healthy?
•    How to and when water or when not to water the plants?
•    How to keep your kitchen garden clean on daily basis?
•    How to protect it from pests & diseases?
•    Which plant/vegetables should cut from the branches & which should dig from the level of roots?
•    Which plant/vegetable is dominating the other plants and taking their land & nutrition as well, leaving the other plants week.
•    Which weed or herbs are destroying the other useful plants/vegetables& which one can be beneficial in some ways?
•    Which plants/vegetables are seasonal and which season is best for their sowing and cultivating?
•    Which plants/vegetables are ever green?
•    What can be the best order to sow all the required plants/vegetables during the whole year time span?
•    Which plants/vegetables can give food stuff and also serve as an ornamental one?

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The answers of above questions are going to be almost enough to start and take courageous initiative of kitchen gardening. But there is a long list of questions still remaining which you are going to face and have to get their answers throughout the time period of your kitchen gardening.    

Now people do kitchen gardening as a leisure time activity but in past especially in Middle Ages, it was a necessity for life. There was not export or import of fresh vegetable and fruit at such a gross level between countries because at those times people do not have such faster means of transportation like airplanes etc. And time span of freshness of vegetables and fruit is very limited.

That’s they have to sow their own vegetables & fruit, another reason is that in those times shopping centers were also very far from their residential places that they have to manage their own kitchen gardens. A plus point for kitchen gardening in those days was that people have big houses and have a good availability of land for vegetation.

Their houses were best sites for cultivation because they are properly aired and have best exposure of proper sun light, pollution free clay & mud for sowing seeds etc.

Other than all of mentioned advantages, there are also some disadvantages of kitchen gardening. But it’s better not to say them disadvantages, to convey proper sense of them we can say them hardships that must be took under consideration.

Let’s talk about them, the first and obvious thing is:

A good knowledge about gardening

Because without a good knowledge and advices from the experienced persons maybe you will waste all of your investment of time and money. There can be some unknown issues for you which you cannot sort out or solve without the proper guidance. So, it’s better for that you should read books, articles or blogs about gardening or take advice from the experienced ones.

Pests and diseases

Kitchen gardens are likely to be attacked by any pest or disease, this can occur in specific seasons or at specific time for some specific plants. But if you are well aware of the timings, symptoms and cure of them, only then you can protect your kitchen garden

Making fence

It’s best to make a fence around your kitchen garden to protect it from stray cats & dogs and to protect it from grazing of pet animals etc. it’s hard and time taking to make a proper fence and keep it in its proper condition always but it’s one of the things you must have to do.


In daily based cleaning & digging of mud you are going to face some injuries too. And other than it there can be small insects also present at vegetables/plants or inside the mud. These insects inside the mud are also necessary for gardening because they are natural consumers of dead plants etc. And they convert dead plants into humus or easily absorbable nutrients for growing plants. So, you have to bear them happily.

Less yield

As you want pure, fresh and organic food and you are doing hard work for it, but a sad point of it is that your yield is going to be lower as compared with the commercial cultivation in same area of land for same time. Because you are avoiding the chemicals or sprays, which are growth boosting things and pest killing items. So, be mentally ready for it that you will get less but get pure.