Kitchen Renovation Guide: 10 Common Mistakes to avoid while kitchen renovation


Renovating your kitchen is an investment that can increase the overall value of your home and will last you for years to come. 

Before starting the renovation, few factors need to be kept in mind when selecting new features for your kitchen renovation and planning the blueprint of your kitchen. It is very important to consider your family's needs and your lifestyle and plan accordingly. It will help to get the most out of the space. In case, you spend more time in the kitchen socializing and entertaining, pay extra attention to seating options and counter space. For a good storage capacity, look out for places where storage can be expanded and maximized.

Here are a few common mistakes you should avoid during your kitchen renovation

  1. Mistake: Doing it alone

If you are planning to do it all by yourself, we recommend consulting a kitchen renovation design expert. A professional design expert will help you to fine-tune your renovation plan. Consider tips and advice, and ideas recommended by the design expert.

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  1. Mistake: Overlooking storage needs

Make sure to pay extra attention to add-ons and storage features, like additional drawers and cabinet expansions. This will help to increase your kitchen's storage efficiency.

  1. Mistake: Forgetting Your Workflow

In the planning phase itself, pay attention to your kitchen's busiest areas including the sink, cooktop, and refrigerator. Make sure to work on the placement of these areas and appliances maintaining a proper “work triangle”.

It ensures efficient kitchen workspaces with clear traffic lanes. It allows a cook to reach the cooking, cleaning, and food storage areas without any trouble and offers enough space to avoid crowding.

  1. Mistake: Selecting plain materials

Don’t limit yourself to traditional materials for your kitchen. Use wood or marble or designer mosaic tiles to add a new look to your kitchen.

  1. Mistake: Forgetting about the existing kitchen's architecture

Make sure that your new design complement the existing windows, ceilings, and other architecture of your kitchen. Don’t forget to take into account the passage ducts. Choose colors or products complementing the existing scheme of the kitchen.

  1. Mistake: Relying only on visuals and not practicality

Don’t forget to prioritize the functionality of your kitchen over design. Choosing a stain and moisture-resistant floor will ensure easy cleaning. Choose moisture-resistant wallpapers and a heat-resistant countertop.

  1. Mistake: Not protecting surrounding places

During the ongoing renovation of the kitchen,  protect the surfaces and other areas from paint drippings and debris. It will help to save after clean-up time. 

  1. Mistake: Going Over Budget

Creating a budget before starting a renovation project is very essential. Decide on the areas and features you want to add to during your kitchen renovation and allot your finances accordingly.

  1. Mistake: Neglecting Your Backsplash

Don’t forget to pay extra attention to the backsplash area.  Its importance shouldn't be underrated. It can turn out to be a steal the spotlight from the sink and cooktop. Play with complementary colors and patterns by composing the tiles vertically for a contemporary look.

  1. Mistake: Leaving Spaces Under-utilised

Take full benefit of unused spaces in your kitchen. Use extra space located beneath cabinet doors for storage purposes. Maximize your kitchen's storage capacity by exploring additional storage opportunities.

  1. Mistake: Picking the Wrong Size Items 

Using wrong-sized items and appliances for your kitchen can make the entire kitchen renovation look inappropriate. Like choosing shorter bar stools the height of the island. So make sure to take proper measurements before making any purchases for your kitchen.

Closing words

A small makeover may change the complete look of your kitchen. But, these simple mistakes, if not taken care of,  may cause additional stress and chaos. Make an attempt to avoid these mistakes and get the dream kitchen renovation done.