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Know About Cyberknife Treatment

India is fast becoming one of the most sought after countries for availing medical treatments. Not only have the NRIs residing in the different countries across the globe, but also natives of those countries been visiting India to get advanced treatments. Cyberknife cancer radio surgical procedure is one such advanced treatment that is offered by the best hospitals here. The cyberknife treatment cost in India is very less, thus prompting people from the western countries to come here in huge numbers and to avail the advanced facilities here.

What is cyberknife treatment all about?

It is said to be based upon radio surgical principals and is termed to be frameless robotic radiosurgery system to deliver stereotactic radiotherapy with an intention to provide cancer patients with more accurate treatments when compared to standard radiotherapy. It helps to treat cancer by using high dosage and multiple radiations. This way, the doctors are able to aim precisely at the tumor without actually damaging the healthy body tissues. There also is not required any anesthesia, hospitalization and just only minimal post-operative care.

This is regarded to be the latest cancer treatment procedure and hence, is somewhat expensive. People in the western countries not having insurance policies covering this procedure are left in a lurch. They are rather compelled to visit the developing countries like India to seek better treatment at affordable rates. This radiosurgery system is said to bring together a robotic arm, linear accelerator as well as image guidance system. It is also known for its unique abilities and target tumors and lesions with greater precision, which otherwise was regarded to be inaccessible by the other radio surgical systems. This system also boasts of being able to monitor continuously and make real time adjustments for patient movements while providing the treatment. due to its perfection and precision, this treatment type does target damaged lesions without actually affecting or harming the surrounding regions or tissues.

How cyberknife is stated to be different from the other systems?

Even though radio surgical procedure is being used for over three decades now to treat benign and cancerous tumors & growth, it is still termed to be a new concept and much different when compared to its counterparts. But with radiosurgery process, tumors are not eliminated. Rather, it makes use of radiation in high dosage to destroy tumor cells as well as stop active cell growth. Multiple radiation beams produced by linear accelerator gets directed at abnormal growth taking place in the body.

There are available different types of radiosurgery systems, with modified linear accelerators and gamma knife being the most widely used ones. they do have a distinctive advantage over other options of which precision is one, thus enabling the physicians to optimize radiation amount to reach abnormal or tumor growth and at the same time reduces exposure to healthy organs and tissues.

About cyberknife treatment procedures

Such treatment tends to work in two different ways; the first methodology involves insertion of lightweight radiation delivery device on the multi-jointed robotic arm to ensure its easy reach to the tumors present in any body part. The second method involves techniques that use advanced image guidance system to allow tracking and allocation of tumor by cyberknife therapy. Robotics and image guidance is used to maintain higher precision degree and is found to be more useful for treating tumors.

One of the major advantages derived from cyber knife treatment is that there is not administered any anesthesia on the patient. Also is not necessary any incision, cuts or hospitalization, which means no recovery time frame  is required and the patient will be able to resume his/her day to day activities without any hassle immediately. Moreover, the treatment is provided in 1-6 sessions, carried out either on different days or on the same day, according to the comfort and convenience of the patient.

What treatment is offered by cyber knife surgery?

This system if favored upon to treat tumors located in any part of the body. It is administered to treat both benign and cancerous tumors. All stages, right from I to IV (metastases) are considered to be curable. For more details on CyberKnife Treatment Cost in India do some research on the web or contact the officials.

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