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Know About Gas Hot Water System and Issues Related to It

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There may be times when you may notice that your gas hot water system is using too much gas. There are several different reasons for such issues. The problem could be a result of a gas leak or the issue may be relating to piping. The only solution to this could be replacing the flue piping. Another cause for you gas water heater system using too much gas than usual is that it may require to be drained properly. There may also be some debris in the system that needs to be removed immediately to put an end to the issue. Too much deposit of minerals at the bottom of the hot water tank will need too much energy to heat up and therefore may also result in using too much gas to operate.

Gas Hot Water System

If you too are facing such issues you can try out some easy solutions such as adjusting the temperature dial to see whether the issue is resolved. All gas hot water systems come with a temperature dial that has specific settings such as Hot, Warm and Vacation. Often it is found that turning this temperature setting down significantly reduces the amount of gas the water heater system will need to operate. This will in turn save you money as well as on your monthly energy bills.

Diverse Issues Related to Gas Hot Water Systems:

Issues associated with getting lukewarm water: There is another problem that most users face is getting lukewarm water from their gas hot water systems. This may be a result of problem in the system .

Typically, the most common causes for a hot water system producing lukewarm water are:

  • Broken dip tube
  • Sediment build-up in the tank
  • Malfunctioning in the heating system.

If there is a broken dip tube through which the incoming cold water enters the heater tank, it will leave water at the top of the tank where the outlet for heater is located. That means a broken dip tube will let cold water go into the hot water pipe before it is adequately heated.

Sediment build-up in the tank will carry dissolved minerals, sand and other debris in small amounts that usually settles at the bottom of the tank where the burner is located. This makes the gas hot water system less effective producing lukewarm water.

Faulty heating system will have issues with the thermal switch, thermostat or heating element especially if it is old. The consequences of these issues may result in consumption of more gas and thereby loss of money in the form of high monthly energy bills. Hence taking immediate solution is important.

Gas Hot Water System

Troubleshooting Minor Issues Associated with Gas Hot Water

The most common issue faced by the users of hot water system is leaking water. Here are a few troubleshooting tips.

  • When water leaks from the top of the gas hot water system. You want you would do with an electric water heater with the same issue. Simply check the cold water inlet first and then the hot water outlet pipes. Follow it up by checking the connections to make sure that these are not loose. You may even check the pressure and temperature relief valve that may be faulty or loose causing a leak.
  • If water leaks from the bottom of the gas hot water system. It could be a result of excessive condensation that can be fixed by turning up the thermostat. a loose or leaking drain valve or the pressure and temperature relief valve draining water through the overflow pipe for over pressurization.

However, whenever you face the issues it is a wise idea to go for a licensed and professional plumber to fix it.  These people are experienced and well equipped hence can get help you to the fullest.

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