Know about the famous districts of Bihar and places to visit there

Know about the famous districts of Bihar and places to visit there
Know about the famous districts of Bihar and places to visit there

Bihar is an eastern Indian state which has a very long history of more than 100 years. The 13th largest state of the country, Bihar is a neighbor to western Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Nepal. The 58% population of Bihar is less than the age of 25, which makes it the largest state of India comprising young people. During ancient times, Bihar was considered as one of the premium places for the center of learning, culture, religion and power.

Bihar is considered as a very beautiful and traditional state in the country that has been divided into 38 administrative districts. This place is known for producing the highest number of administrative and civil services officers in India. A very simple and quick developing state, Bihar has many amazing places to visit and the people living in this part of the state are highly soft-spoken, dedicated and hard working.

Many people get confused on how many districts are there in Bihar and often ask about Bihar me kitne Jile Hai? The reason behind this confusion is that Jharkhand was a part of Bihar till 2000 and then later it was formed into a new state. Then the total number of districts in Bihar got reduced and at present, the total number of districts in Bihar is 38. Out of all these 38 districts, there are many popular districts that attract the crowd and have many places to visit and hang out.

Some of the most popular districts of Bihar are –

1) Patna


The capital city of Bihar – Patna has been one of the most popular city for many decades. Considered as the 2nd largest metropolitan city in eastern India, Patna has a rich history and developed very quickly when compared to other cities of the state. In ancient times, Patna was known with the name of Patliputra. The total population of Patna is more than 5 million and is the most populous city in the entire state. Few most amazing and best places to visit when you are around in Patna –

  1. Patna Museum – Constructed in 1917, it is one of the oldest attractions of the city. In this museum, you will get a chance to revisit history and find some amazing things and facts from ancient times. It carries an amazing collection of sculptures, images and paintings from different religions and cultures.
  2. Golghar – One of the oldest monuments in the city, built by Captain John Garstin. The top view of Golghar is the most amazing thing as one can see the majestic Ganga.
  3. Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden – This place is also known with the name of Patna Zoo. Established 50 years ago, back in 1969, the zoo has more than 110 species of animals. The zoo is equipped with toy trains and battery enabled cars that take you to the ride of the zoo and show you amazing things.

2) Darbhanga

The 2nd largest metropolitan city of Bihar – Darbhanga has been the fastest developing city. With a population close to 4 million people, Darbhanga is the 2nd largest medical hub of the state and will soon have a huge IT hub in the middle of the city. Darbangha has its root connected with ancient history as well and it has been the place for many vaids as well. Some of the popular places in Darbhanga are –

  1. Ahilya Asthan – This place is referred to as Ahlya Gram. A special place dedicated to Ahlya, who is the wife of Gautam Rishi and an important character from Ramayana. According to the Ramayana, Ahlya was turned into a stone, but when Lord Rama touched her feet, then she regained her life by turning back into a human.
  2. Darbangha Fort – If you love to travel and being adventurous is your hobby, then you will love this place of Darbangha fort. This place is also known as Raj Qila and it has been stated that this place was meant for the residence of royal families only. It is a place worth sight-seeing.

3) Aurangabad

A simple and most popular district of Bihar – Aurangabad has been growing and developing rapidly. Situated on the NH-19, this place is popular for the people speaking the language of Magahi. The population of this place is near around 2 million and has got many attractive places that bring thousands of tourists every year. The city is equipped with temples, pilgrimage places and many historical places. Some of the popular places of this city are –

  1. Ajanta Caves – One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of the Aurangabad district is the presence of Ajanta Caves. These caves have a long and deep history and many people admit that they exist since the 2nd century. A World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO, the Ajanta Caves showcases the lifestyle and culture of the Buddhists.
  2. Bibi ka Maqbara – Similar to Taj Mahal, this wonderful place is also a symbol of Love. Although Bibi ka Maqbara is not as popular as the amazing Taj Mahal, Bibi ka Maqbara also holds its own significance. It was developed by Aurangzeb for his begum Dilras Banu.

These are some of the best places that you may visit in Bihar if you are around with your friends or family. It is a wonderful city of tradition and culture and you will love the hospitality of the generous people living in the city.