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Know About The Working Holiday Visa 417 Checklist

Working holiday visa subclass 417 is determined to be a temporary visa for the young people who are desiring to have a visa for the purpose of a holiday and working in the Australian region. It is thus the temporary visa that goes on encouraging the aspects of the cultural exchange. Not only this, it closely ties on between Australia and varied other eligible nations. In order to go for the 417 visa Australia application, it is essential that one must have the proper consideration of the checklist for the visa application. 

Eligibility Criteria for the Visa

In order to have the visa application, it is essential that you must be between the age group of 18 to 30 years of age. Also, the person should be single and should not have any children. It is needed to discover the below-mentioned things to the authorities;

  • That you have never used the Work & Holiday temporary visa previously for entering the Aussie land. 
  • You have a true desire to enter Australia for holiday purposes only. It is like work alone should not be the main purpose of your visa application. 
  • You should possess around AUD$5000 for supporting yourself in Australia. 
  • You should also possess enough funds to pay for the travel expenses at the time when your holiday ends. 
  • You should be good enough in health & character. 
  • You are required to ensure the authorities that you are not bringing any of the dependent children with you to Australia.

Step to Step Guide for the Visa Application

It is essential that one should follow the step to step guide in order to have the application for the 417 Visa Australia in much appropriate manner. Going on steps would ensure the application for the visa in a much better manner. The same is like as described below: 

Step 1: Before the application of the visa

  • One must have the consideration of the time for having the proper health check-ups before having the submission of the visa application to the migration authorities. 
  • An individual could also wait for the intimation from the concerned department with respect to the visa. 
  • In the processing taking the help of the migration, authorities could help you a lot in avoiding the unnecessary mistakes and barriers in the visa application. It’s all because of the reason that prevailing threats in the system could lead to a delay or the denial of the visa.


Step 2: Documentation part for the visa application

For having the application for the visa, it is essential that one must have the collection of valid documents and should upload the same in a proper manner. 

  • The prior document required is the identity documents. The passport is the best for that. In case that does not have the inclusion of parents' names, and then the aspirant is required to provide some additional proof. The same should be authorized by the government or should be a court issued document. 
  • Then comes the financial document-based requirement for the visa. One must possess sufficient funds for staying in the region, considering the minimum time period of 12 months. The income tax return would prove to be the ideal financial documents as proof of financial strength.
  • The visa aspirant is also required to possess relevant character certificates from police or varied other legal authorities. It is all considered based on the stipulations of the visa 417. 
  • For getting more of the help in order to have the threat-free processing of the visa, one should consult the migration agents. 

Step 3: the Application process for visitor visa subclass 417

  • For the purpose of the visa application, one must have created an immigration portal account and attach all of the required documents and pay the application fees for the visa. After this, you would just receive a transaction reference number for your application. 
  • You would not have the application for the visa through the online mode in case you possess a dependent child who is below 18 years of age. 

Step 4: After you have applied for the visa 

  • After having the application of the visa, you are required to wait for the decision of the department. 
  • You could, too, have the correction in the documents if required any during the processing of the application. 

Though, in case you attain the grant for the visa, you will be allowed to stay in the region for the time period of 12 months from the date when you enter Australia. The working holidaymakers are merely permitted to train or study in Australia for the time period of 4 months in Australia. Hence, the person could too work under certain conditions in Australia. 
For further assistance, one could consult the Migration Agent Adelaide. The experts will give you the best of the advice in the section.

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