To keep ourselves safe from storms and shelters, one should have a profound knowledge of the calamity and its survival techniques, only then will we be able to protect ourselves from these types of disasters.

Types of Storms and Tornadoes

A storm is a bad weather with heavy rain, strong winds, and often accompanied by thunder and lightning. Some of the common storms include Hail, Snow, Ice, Thunder, Tropical, Der-echo, and the worst is the flash floods.

Violent windstorm with twisting, the funnel-shaped cloud is a Tornado. Huge thunderstorms are accompanied when cool air overrides a layer of warm air, forcing the warm air to rise very fast. The high wind velocity causes huge damages and blows debris all over the place. There are very violent tornadoes with a wind speed of up to 300 mph that can cause tremendous destruction. They can destroy large buildings, uproot huge trees and hurl vehicles beyond hundreds of yards.

How to prepare your storm and tornado shelter?


Storm shelters can be installed in almost any location. Based on the model, they can be buried outside, installed in garages, or assembled in basements. It takes a few hours to install above the ground rooms and usually one day to install underground shelters. Valley Storm Shelter provides storm and tornado shelters of quality standard and affordable prices.

The ultimate protection against tornadoes is underground tornado shelters. These are not exposed to the high winds compared to above-the-ground safe rooms. Such underground safe rooms are constructed using concrete, fiberglass, plastic or steel as the raw materials. But for more safety, go for steel shelters.

Get To Know the Importance of the Safe Rooms

We are nothing in front of nature. The natural calamities are never planned neither do they have a warning bell. Whilst the safety of the people is a very important task that is needed to be taken care of. The installation of safe rooms help in those times when having access to a safe place seems to be merely possible. The outbreak of tornadoes and severe storms can threaten many lives; in that case, making safe rooms can provide safety to the people.

The safest place to be in the tornadoes is underground, but that is not possible. But this has been made possible by the storm shelters that are of great help and save a life when there is severe tornado or storms. Finding a safe place then is a difficult task. The underground shelters are quite different from the underground homes and are constructed with the intention of ensuring safety to the people.

When violent environmental conditions are prevailing all around these are the most reliable and safest place to be. The rooms are constructed with the help of the federal laws so that they can meet the specific standards of safety as required in those conditions. The rooms are built so that they can sustain a wind of 250 mph and can even withstand the force of 3000 pounds.

When it comes to the type of the rooms, then there are two types of room available one which is placed above the ground and one which has to be installed below the ground. Both shelters are made up of the same materials and are of the same strength level. The hurricane shelters and the other safe rooms are also provided with the NOAA weather alert radio that can make you aware of the weather condition prevailing in your area.

All You Need To Know About the Advantages of the Storm Houses

The storm shelters are basically the storm cellars which are required to be there in every house. They come to use when there is an emergency case of a calamity. This helps to bring a major alteration in the number of casualties after a serious deadly calamity and is easy to be installed in the house and since it is available in the form of kits which takes a very small space in the houses, it is easy to be transported as well.

Following are some of the benefits of having storm shelters in the house:


  • Protect lives:


This protects lives which are priceless. The number of causalities is also lessened with the help of the storm shelters.


  • Protect valuables:


This provides protection to the valuables. Thus, at the time of the requirement, it also saves us from losing our valuables.


  • Protect houses:


It provides protection to the houses in strong storms.


  • Need not to be underground:


There is no requirement of being underground. These shelters can provide protection to strong wind and can withstand strong storms.


  • Saves the property value of the house:


Saves our properties from getting deteriorated in the calamity.

Thus, due to all the above-enlisted benefits, storm houses are the best place to be when searching for a place to safeguard your lives. There are many instances of the survivors of the severe storms with the help of the storm shelters.

Why are Safe Rooms Important To be Installed?

As we know that safe rooms are essential to be installed in places which are prone to natural calamities. These homes are constructed in such a way that they can be used, reused, warehouse as well as transported with ease.

Following are some of the features of the houses that make them appropriate to be used for the calamities:


  • Durability:


This is very durable and can also be gifted to the future generation so that they can feel safe and protected.


  • Available in kit form:


They are available in kit form and can be easily assembled or can be disassembled and stored in a very small place.


  • Easy to fabricate:


There is no difficulty in assembling the house.


  • Floats:


Floats are available using which, one can be on the top of the water and can float in the worst condition.


  • Warehousing and transportation:


The storage and transportation of the rooms are easy. They can be disassembled and transported from place to place.

Thus, due to all these features, the safe rooms are the best place to be at times when there can be scarcely any safe place found to accommodate.


Your home is susceptible to devastating wind storms and patterns such as tornadoes. It is always a great idea to have a storm shelter in your home. It is easy to install them. People are able to survive such devastating calamities from underground amongst the debris of broken wood and sheltered glass. Nothing beats or damages the underground safe rooms.