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Know-How: What Size Sofa is The Perfect For My Room?

Although you may want and like a host of things, you can only take home those items which you can actually accommodate. Therefore, size is the most important consideration when choosing any furniture. Finding your furniture a spot in the house is not enough. You have to make sure that it is perfectly placed to have the right impact on the aesthetics of the room. Therefore, there is a lot more which goes into selecting the correct sofa than what meets the eye. Here are some of the most important things to consider before deciding on the best sofa size for your room:

1. Position: You may think measurement is the ruler of this game. But think again, what would you measure if you do not know where the corner sofa on finance would go? This is why it is absolutely imperative to find your sofa the right position in a room even before you take out the measuring tape. No matter how badly you may want a piece of furniture, make sure you do not overcrowd the room. Even the most glamorous sofa would fail to make an impact if it is struggling to fit alongside a swarm of furniture. If you are investing, you would at least like it to make a statement with its presence. For a sofa to own the room, it needs to be given that opportunity to do so. Hence, arrange your items in a way that allows the sofa to be the welcoming abode of comfort to you and your guests. Once you have decided where you want the sofa you can then be sure of the area you can allot to the furniture.

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2. Measurement: Measure the area that the sofa will go into very carefully. If you want a coffee table with it there should be a gap of at least 16 inches between the two. The exact dimensions of the item will also help you streamline your online search result and you would be able to choose from a list that is relevant to your requirement. This is extremely time-saving rather than having your heart set on something and then finding out it is too big for your space. Thankfully, most sofa shops clearly mention all the aspects of a product including size. When it comes to sofa stores UK have an excellent collection that comes in various shapes and sizes.

3. Statistics: You may have selected the perfect position to place your dream sofa and get the exact measurement, but without taking the practical statistics into account it may just be a fool’s errand. The sofas have to get through your door and fit into your lift or be carried through the staircase to make it to its spot. Therefore, if you do not measure the height and breadth of your doors and lifts, it is pointless. Unless of course, you get a modern sofa that has removable parts which need to be assembled. Most sofa shops have sofas with removable legs and arms which make shipping and transportation a lot easier.

Shashi Ranjan
Shashi Ranjan
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