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Know More About the Capabilities And Types Of Distribution Panels


A distribution board may also be known by the name electrical panel, breaker panel, or panel board. It is one of the essential control systems of an electric system. Distribution panels are used to control electrical supply in both residential and commercial buildings. The board receives the main cable and has the breakers through which the incoming electricity is distributed to the secondary circuits (including plugs and lights) in the desired way. Apart from distributing the electrical power to different circuits, the distribution board also has the protective fuse or circuit breaker for all of the circuits located in the same enclosure. A distribution board is a safe medium through which the high power voltage can be safely distributed to the different switchboards or circuits in an establishment or building.

Usage and Components

A distribution panel has sufficient space for housing the different components and wires. It has the circuit breakers, main switch, earth leakage unit,  bus bars, bypass equipment, and other kinds of switches. The switches and systems not only ensure the safety of electrical equipment connected with the distribution board but also safeguard the distribution system itself. The distribution board offers protection against earth leakage, overload, short circuit, and other kinds of faults. With a properly built and structure, they can also be used in more hazardous and dangerous environments.


The new distribution systems do not merely connect wires, but may also be manufactured according to the aspirations and requirements of the client in a more customized way. For instance, a distribution board may have a great design for better aesthetic appeal, as desired by buying the owner of a residence. It can also have a built and structure to facilitate its installation and use in an industrial environment, in a more confined space. We can, however, classify the distribution boards into different categories.

●Single Door Distribution Board- A simple single door distribution board may be available in configurations including 4 way, 8 way, and 16 way.

●Double Door Distribution Board- This variety may be used in industrial, commercial and other areas where heavy-duty operations occur.

There are also other types, and varieties of distribution boards including flush mounted, surface mounted distribution boards with a vertical or horizontal layout. The size of a distribution board will depend on the number of circuits it houses. You can contact a leading distribution supplier to know more about the varieties of boards and to choose the best one in lieu of your operational circumstances.

Installation Location

When installed in residential areas, the distribution boards are mostly installed in hidden and “out of the way” locations. These may include a basement, garage, and under the stairs areas, because of security and aesthetic reasons. But whether it is a commercial or residential establishment, a distribution board should be placed in a safe and easy to assess area so that there is the lesser threat of fire or short-circuit hazard, any problem could be overcome fast.

You are not required to hide your distribution boards now as they come in highly attractive designs. Talk to a leading supplier to know more about the distribution panel options available to you.

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