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Know More About the Tags to Use While Uploading Games on F95 Zone

It can often be troublesome to find a game in F95 Zone given the vast collection of adult games on this website. To tackle this problem, numerous tags are attached to every game to make it easier for other users to find similar games. There are two kinds of tags, Prefix Tags and normal tags. Here is a gist of when to use what tags while posting games or searching for games on F95 Zone.

Prefix Tags

These tags must be attached while posting a game. Here is a list of prefix tags and when they should be used:

        Visual Novel: Games that are mostly focused on the story rather than the gameplay must use this tag. These kinds of games have minimal choices and a vast majority of those choices are based on dialogues.

        Non VN: These games have clearer gameplay mechanics and have lots of choices available.

        Completed: This tag denotes that the games will not have any further updates and has been confirmed by the developer to be completed.

        Onhold: Games under this tag has been confirmed to be on hold by the developer.​

        Abandoned: These games are either abandoned as confirmed by the developer or they have not posted anything related to the game for at least 3 months.​

Normal Tags

These tags are a bit more in-depth and specify what is in the content of the game. You can find a thread containing Tag Rules and List containing all the tags and when to use them under the Games forum. Here is a gist of the rules while using tags:

        You must specify at least three tags while uploading games.

        Even if the creator or developer of the game says that certain content will be available in the future, do not use tags for them unless they are available in the game at the moment.

        The tags should be written properly, with uppercase letters for the first letter and separated by a comma.

There are 4 categories of tags that you can choose from. The categories are Technical, Sexual Content, Non-Sexual Content, and Others. Here are some of the most popular tags and when they are used:

        3D Game: Used for games where you can move or control 3D models.

        3DCG: Used for 3D CG and 3D renders.

        2D Game: Used for games where you can move or control 2D sprites.

        2DCG: Used for drawn CG.

        Censored: Used when the game genitalia is censored and no decensor patch is available.

        Male Protagonist/ Female Protagonist: Gender-based tags.

        Japanese Game: Used for games with Japanese origin but translated.

        Adventure: The player assumes the role of the main character in an interactive story driven by exploration and puzzle-solving.

        Combat: Used when a game contains combat sections/mechanics, excluding turn-based combat.

If you are trying to post a game F95 Zone on this website, you must attach all the suitable tags. This will ensure the approval of your request and decrease the chances of rejection.


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