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Know The Advantages And Application Of Solar Air Heaters

The solar air heater is a good solution for your home. Let's talk first of about what it is and advantages. A solar air heater is an operating system as exposed to a passive system. Passive solar operations rely on heat absorbing structural materials and that also built with an adjustment that takes advantage of south exposure.

Active solar systems utilize solar panels to collect solar energy and fans to transfer the power to a different place. The Solar thermal collector is used to operate this solar air heater that similar to that. It used in several ways that you can install towards your home.

Solar air heaters use on roof, wall or window installed solar collectors to heat the air that passes over them. The solar collector must installed on a south-facing roof or wall where it gets full sun exposure that isn't barred by trees, tall buildings or other shade generators.

Smaller window units can installed under a sunny south-facing window. This type of solar air heater reaches through the window, so you no need to install any pipes or vents to enable air flow. These simple, direct-transfer systems don't store heat so that people won't work at night or on cloudy days.

Some larger systems utilize heat sinks, which consist of materials that can receive and hold heat for a short time. During the day, excess heat transported to the heat sink for storage; when the sun goes down, heated air transported from storage to your house.

Although a heat sink might increase your use of solar thermal energy into the night, incorporating one into a retrofit heating system is costly. Sometimes it will be risky to your health conditions. Moisture that gets in a heat sink fosters mould and bacterial growth on the rocks. When the blower pulls hot air from the heat sink, it also collects up these contaminants and blows them into your home.

Solar Air Heater

Know Some Of The Advantages Of A Solar Air Heater:

  • The need to shift heat from working fluids to the different fluid reduced as air is being used directly as the working substance. The system is small and less complicated.
  • Corrosion is a great difficulty in the solar water heater. And this issue is not experienced in solar air heaters.
  • The leakage of air from the tube does not produce any problem.
  • Freezing of operating fluid virtually does not exist.
  • The force inside the collector does not become very high.
  • Thus air heater can be created using cheaper as well as a lesser quantity of material and it is simpler to use than the solar water heaters.

Classifications Of Solar Air Heater:

A conventional solar air heater is a flat plate collector with absorber plate, a transparent cover system at the top and protector at the bottom and on the sides. The whole device encased in a sheet metal container. The working fluid is air, though the way for its flow changes according to the type of air heater.

Material for construction of air heaters is comparable to those of liquid flat plate collectors. The transmission of solar radiation into the cover system and its following absorption in the absorber plate can be given by words identical to that of liquid flat plate collectors.

The special coating on the absorber plate can be used to develop the collection efficiency, but cost-effectiveness criterion should be kept in mind. There are solar air heater as well as copper foil manufacturers in India that provides you through online.

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