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Know the Solutions to Resolve Err Connection Reset in Different Situations

In the 21st century, computer networking has become the most indispensable technology across the world. It is one such tool that has revolutionized the concept of communication and transmission of files, pictures, videos, and other informative sensitive data.  In the current scenario, just imagine a life with network connection, a life without wifi, a life without internet, and a life without computer, mobile, or laptop. Can anyone even dream about a life without this technology?


No, there is no life without technology, internet, and network these days. However, amidst the growing needs and advancing technologies, network errors are a common problem everyone with a computer connection is experiencing. The article here describes the most common network error ‘Err Connection Reset ‘that often comes into picture whenever there is a network connection problem along with a brief guide on how to solve err connection reset problem.

 The error message is displayed when the website you trying to browse fail to display or establish a connection. Many times, there are possibilities that under the same connection, few sites work well and some does not connect. The error often leads to interference in the browsing experience and hence it is important to fix it as soon as possible. Some of the main causes of such an error are:


·         Maybe a faulty network router

·         Some registry entries of old version of windows

·         Antivirus software blocking the site

·         ISP blocking the website

·         Weak network connection


This error message comes under various situations. Let us further study all the circumstances where this kind of network troubleshooting occurs.


·         Err Connection Reset Windows 10

·         Err Connection Reset You Tube

·         Err Connection Reset Apache

·         Err Connection Reset ISS

·         Err Connection Reset WAMP


Err Connection Reset Windows 10


Solution when the connection reset error occurs on your PC:


·         Disabling the antivirus software

·         Setting the maximum transmission unit

·         Disabling the proxy settings

·         Changing the configuration of DNS server

·         Clearing cache and browsing history

·         Verifying the access and permission granted to your system

·         Verifying the condition of different components of a network


Err Connection Reset You Tube


The error mainly occurs due to a problem in the network and not the browser. This in turn hampers the experience you may attain with You Tube. Hence, learn the best solutions when the connection reset error occurs in case of You Tube:


·         Disabling all the extensions that can cause an interference with the browser

·         Replacing the network router if in case it is faulty or damaged


Err Connection Reset Apache


Apache is an open source network that allows your system to host more than one website over the internet. Hence, when a problem occurs your system fails to deliver a flawless browser experience. Learn the solutions when the connection reset error occurs in case of Apache:


·         The best solution to fix this error is changing the configuration file if you have Apache installed on your system

·         The second solution is to replace the file with the extension .dll


Err Connection Reset WAMP


WAMP is an acronym for “Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP” that is popularly known as a bundle of software used for web development. When connecting to websites over the internet through WAMP, you may get the connection reset error. To get the best solutions when the connection reset error occurs in case of WAMP:


·         The best solution to turning off the mod socket that

·         The other effective way to fix the error is editing all the files of the local host on WAMP


Network Troubleshooting Tools


Still striving to fix the errors? Still working to get a permanent fix for the error? There are possibilities; you might not get a solution. Under such a scenario, working with network troubleshooting tools is most beneficial. Some of the popular troubleshooting tools are:


·         Ping: This is the most popular tool for providing basic connectivity test between the host and the receiver. The tool works on the concept of the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) that defines whether the connection problem exists in the office or with the service provider.

·         Tracert/traceroute: The tool helps to define a specific connection route between the host and the receiver along with the response time of the network connection.

·         Nslookup: This popular tool works in alignment with the Dynamic Name System (DNS) server to search for the specific IP address that is legally registered to a domain name. If the problem is related to the DNS server, then this tool is certainly the best choice.

·         Netstat: The tool mainly works to source and identify the current situation of the network connection that is active on the local host through a specific port.

·         Route: The tool mainly works to source and identify the current situation of the router connected to the local host. It is most beneficial where multiple IP addresses and gateways are available.

·         Sysinternals:  The tool works to diagnose the problems and configure all active directories that govern the functioning of the network.

·         Wireshark: The main function of the tool is to diagnose the network problems and analyze the flow of traffic.


With all these effective measures and tools, you can easily fix the err connection resent problem that often create a negative browsing experience.

Sohel Ather is a senior principal software engineer. He is also the head of content marketing. He focuses on unique and cutting-edge ideas that will help your business flourish and grow.
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