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Good Crypto provides Kraken Vs Coinbase analysis, Kraken is designed for more active traders, giving advanced users more options to buy, sell and trade crypto than Coinbase. Kraken's user interface does feel somewhat dated, and crypto newcomers may feel lost when trying to execute their first trade. For advanced users, Kraken provides access to options trading, futures trading and margin trading.

Creating account Kraken Vs Coinbase:-

To sign up for Kraken vs Coinbase, you can create a free account using your email address and password. Once you have verified your email address, you need to secure your account with two-factor authentication. To deposit funds, you'll need to go through advanced verification, which includes submitting a photo of your photo ID, proof of residence and your Social Security number.

Users can sign up for Coinbase with an email address and password. Before buying or selling crypto, you must verify your identity with a government-issued photo ID by uploading a picture of it to the app or website. Once verified, you can connect a bank account or credit card to start buying crypto immediately.

Kraken VS Coinbase: Security

Kraken and Coinbase both offer strong security features, making them two of the safest places to buy, sell and store crypto assets.

Here are some security options available on Kraken platform:


o   White-listed Accepted Addresses

o   Two-way authentication

o   Global Settings Lock

These are for Coinbase:

o   Two-way authentication

o   Cold Storage and Crypto Vaults

o   Built-in Wallet

Kraken Vs Coinbase: Features

Kraken and Coinbase both provide a way for users to buy and trade cryptocurrency, but they both go about it in very different ways. While some of their features are similar, here are some of the distinguishing features on each platform:

Kraken Unique Features:-

Huge Variety of Trading Options: Kraken offers a great selection of trading types for advanced users. Here is a quick list of some of the trading options available:

Advanced Charting: Kraken allows users to turn on "Advanced Market View" to view live order book transactions, charts with multiple indicator overlays, and build a watchlist.

API Keys: Kraken gives the user access to its API keys, allowing third party apps to integrate with Kraken. Users can control access to these API keys at a detailed level, further securing their accounts.

OTC Investor Service: Kraken caters to high-dollar investors who are getting into the crypto space. They offer a 1-1 white glove service to help investors make substantial investments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from the main exchange.

Coinbase Unique Features:-

Educational Resources (+ Bonus): Coinbase has user education to help beginners learn about cryptocurrencies. These short videos teach users about a certain cryptocurrency project and some of them will give bonus crypto to users who complete a quiz.

News Feed: The Coinbase website and mobile app have up-to-date news articles if you click into a cryptocurrency, the news articles you see are specific to that currency.

Alerts: If you want to stay up to date on current price moves, you can create a watchlist to track when there are major price changes.

Kraken Vs Coinbase: Currencies

Kraken and Coinbase both have similar access to the top cryptocurrencies in the market, although Kraken offers something else. Kraken currently offers 56 cryptocurrencies on its exchange while Coinbase offers 56. Each exchange regularly adds to its listed crypto offerings.

 Final Verdicts:-

Good Crypto provides Kraken Vs Coinbase analysis that makes it easy for traders to understand Cryptocurrency more clearly. This also helps you with various exchanges for traders and other features for users.