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Laptop Buying Guide: Essential tips to know for buying a laptop

Laptops are compact and small enough to carry around, yet versatile enough to be able to run demanding applications. Tablets and smartphones are popular yet most people realize that things such as typing, research papers, video editing and gaming can be better accomplished on a laptop. So what type of laptop you need? We have put together a buying guide to help you out.

Apart from the below mentioned factors, one need to check on the specs they require to have in their laptop for a smooth working experience. Hp and Dell laptops are considered the best considering their performance, design and ergonomics. Do check our guide to Dell xps 9550 Vs 9560 in order to find out which laptop suits you more.

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Since there is a wide range of options considering the machine size, features, and price which makes choosing the best laptop a challenging task. And that’s why you need to figure out what exactly you are looking for and what exactly your needs are. Some folks may need to use their laptop for basic gaming such as Farmville or stardew valley.

Here are some of the key tips which can be of great help while buying a laptop.


Choosing an operating system

If you are familiar with laptops and PCs, you’d know about Chrome OS, MacOS, and Windows. Most laptops and PCs run on windows while MacBook comes with MacOS which has a different interface compared to windows. The Chrome OS is mainly designed for Chromebooks in case you are interested to buy one.


If you have worked with windows 7, 8 you’d have no issues understanding and operating windows 10. I myself shifted from windows 7 to 10 hesitantly but it turned out a nice and pleasant change to be honest. If you are familiar with Apple’s ipad or iphone you’d face no trouble with MacOS. It is important to understand which operating system will work best for your requirements before you buy your machine.


Regular or convertible

Many new laptops fall into the category of convertibles or 2 in 1 laptop that you can switch between traditional mode, tablet mode, and other positions in between e.g. tent and stand modes. Some of the convertibles or 2 in 1 come in two different variants: detachable where screen come off the keyboard and you can use it as a tablet or the flexible laptops with hinges that can bend backward 360 degrees to change to tablet mode.


Usually, people do not need to use the laptop as tablet mode as its quite a big screen to handle but still if you think you need a convertible over a traditional laptop go for it.


Keyboard and touchpad

No matter how impressive the specifications of your machine are, if it doesn’t have good ergonomics, keyboard, and touchpad, it doesn’t mean anything at all. If you work a lot of hours on your computer, you need to make sure the keyboard of your laptop offers solid feedback, plenty of key travel and ample key to key space for a comfortable typing experience.


In addition to a solid keyboard, you would want to check on an accurate touchpad. An accurate touchpad means no jumpy cursor, and it should respond to multi-touch gestures such as pinch to zoom.


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