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Laptop Buying Guide: Essential Tips To Know Before You Buy

The notebook market is huge, but with our extensive buying guide you can keep track and find the best laptops in different price ranges and for different requirements. We will introduce you to the most popular device classes and give you our recommendations based on our detailed test data and impressions.

Whether for home office, gaming or video production: modern laptops offer enough power reserves even for demanding tasks. In the vast majority of cases, a clunky PC under the desk should no longer be necessary. The variety of laptop models and equipment options is enormous . The manufacturers have something suitable in their portfolio for every budget and application. If you serach out the best reviews and buying guide site of laptop and other computer machine then we suggest once visit a we hope you can get best items.

This purchase advice is intended to help you choose the right device and presents 12 laptops of different brands. To make it easier to compare, all important information about the devices such as equipment, connections and functions is summarized in clear tables.

Laptop Comparison 2020: These Are The Tablet Test Winners

When buying a notebook, two aspects usually come into focus: on the one hand, the price and, on the other hand, the intended use. If you are looking for a laptop that should be especially suitable for surfing the net, video streaming or office work, then a good all-round device at a fair price will probably be the right choice for you. On the other hand, users who are looking for special features on their laptop such as a particularly long battery life, low weight or an excellent display will find what they are looking for either with the high-priced all-rounders or the often more expensive, but excellent premium notebooks. Gaming laptops form a special category, as they have special features such as a fast processor, a dedicated graphics card and large RAM.

Digital creators who need a lot of computing power for video editing, rendering processes and the like should take a look at our workstation and creator laptops. Here elegant business design meets powerful graphics cards, RAM and CPUs.

Some Peoples Talking About Best Music Tablet

Our team of editors and test engineers follows the developments on the market and regularly orders the latest devices from all price ranges to the CHIP test center in order to take a close look at them. You can see the result of this work in the different thematically separated leaderboards. In the following article we present our purchase recommendations for all-round notebooks, premium laptops, workstation and creator laptops and gaming notebooks and tablet with best sound quality and We will present you a price tip and the test winner in each category. You will also find our most important purchase recommendations in the following table.

Can't find the right product for you in our recommendations? Then try our personal step-by-step advisor to find the right laptop for you.

Office, premium, gaming & workstation and creator laptops in check

Often, notebook purchases are made tough at a previously defined price limit. If every euro really counts, for example with notebooks for schoolchildren and students, then you should take a look at the all-round notebooks and set their maximum price in the filter options - around 500 euros. The devices in this price range are perfectly adequate if you want to use them for office use, video streaming and for trips to the Internet. Even if you have to live with certain restrictions in this price range, you should make sure that your chosen device has at least 4 GB of RAM - working with Windows 10 is no fun with less RAM. In terms of screen size, we recommend at least 13 inches. If the display turns out to be smaller, the work becomes exhausting and uncomfortable in the long run. On the other hand, you should be aware that a device with a larger display is often larger and heavier. 17 inch notebooks can weigh between three and five kilograms.

The premium notebooks are characterized by their compact design and high-quality components that the manufacturers use in these devices. The so-called ultrabooks also fall into this category. Devices in this class that we have tested cost between 1,100 euros and 3,000 euros - you can get powerful premium notebooks for around 1,500 euros. In addition to innovative technology, the design is also in the foreground with these notebooks, because anyone who spends so much money on a notebook also expects the corresponding value - and this starts with the look and feel. Manufacturers such as Lenovo rely on unusual materials such as carbon fibers for device housings in the premium class and thus save weight.

What to Look for in Buying Laptop, and what to Avoid

Mobile gaming with the right gaming notebook is no longer a problem. A powerful dedicated graphics card is important here. And the boundaries between desktop PC and laptop are increasingly crumbling, manufacturer Nvidia offers mobile versions of its high-performance graphics cards. Even high-end gaming with stable frame rates and 4K resolution is now possible without any problems. If the gaming laptop is only to serve as a secondary computer for mobile gaming and you do not insist on maximum graphics settings, a notebook with an entry-level graphics card, for example an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or GTX 1660 Ti Mobile, is sufficient. These systems are sometimes available for around 1,000 euros.

Workstations or notebooks for creative people are another device group - these laptops are in terms of hardware and price between the premium notebooks and the high-end gaming laptops. The biggest difference compared to the gaming notebook class is the quality of the displays and the mostly more subtle exterior.

Another category is the so-called 2-in-1 notebooks or detachables, which can be used both as laptops and tablets.

Laptop Buying Guide 2020 - Choose the Best Laptop

If you're looking for the best laptop to buy in 2020, you've come to the right place, as this page has a selection of the best laptops for every budget.

Nowadays there is a huge selection of laptops, from budget notebooks and Chromebooks to high performance gaming laptops and ultrabooks. And because finding the best laptop for your needs can be overwhelming at times, we're here to help.

In our guide to the best laptops, we've only included devices that we've tested thoroughly and that deserve a spot on our list.

When we examine the best laptops out there, we look at their price, performance, and of course, their design and battery life. You can be sure that every single laptop on this list is absolutely top-notch in each of these categories and that no matter which of these laptops you choose, you will get an excellent device.

We also have a built-in price comparison tool that scours the internet and makes sure you get the best prices on these great laptops too.

Our list of the best laptops doesn't just focus on the top performing - and most expensive - laptops out there. We have a huge variety of different laptops to suit different purposes and budgets, including the best gaming laptops, cheap Chromebooks, and also the best cheap laptops too.

No matter what your budget or what type of laptop you're looking for, our list of the Best Laptops of 2020 will help you find the right device for you.

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