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Laser Eye Surgery: Can it Fix Reading Vision Impairment?

What is your visual ability like these days? Do you find it stressful reading your newspapers or emails on your laptop or phone? Do you presently feel uneasy reading for hours because you can't concentrate on the words? Should this be you, it may be that you are experiencing age-related eye malfunction.

Ageing makes the muscles of the eye grow weak and unable to focus on close objects. This loss of reading vision is described as presbyopia. And people who have this condition find it difficult to have a clear vision of things nearby – there is less flexibility of the eye lens. What does this mean for you? It implies that reading glasses may become necessary.

Healthy eyes may become presbyopic. This condition can also happen to people with already existing eye problems like myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

Presbyopia is one of the common reading vision problems. But the good news is that there are treatments for this optical condition at The Lasik.

Symptoms of presbyopia

Those experiencing presbyopia have some signs or symptoms associated with the condition. That said, take a close look at the following presbyopia symptoms, and if you are experiencing any of them, you need to book a consultation with your nearest eye clinic so the specialist doctors can take care of you:

  • Problem with clearly seeing objects that are not far away from you
  • Feeling pain in the eyes or headaches when reading or working on something near you
  • Fatigue from concentrating over long hours
  • Depending on more bright lights to see clearly
  • Ability to focus better only when books, phones or objects are held at arm's length

It is typical for presbyopia to start affecting people who are 40 years old. The condition progresses more rapidly after this age. And when a person gets to 60 years, the elasticity in the eye lens, which aids the vision of nearby things, is lost.

What can be done to improve reading vision?

Most times, cases of presbyopia are corrected with the use of reading glasses. This is a prevalent treatment option. The reading glasses are made to improve the focus of the lens on objects within close range.

As good as reading glasses sound, there is a problem with this option. Since they are needed for short-distance vision, some users attach reading glasses to ropes and wear them on the neck for easy access. Other users get a case with which they carry their reading glasses around. One issue with reading glasses is the number of times you have to put them on and off. For instance,you will need the glasses to read product labels if you are shopping for groceries. After shopping, you take them off. Within minutes, your phone beeps and there is a message – you put the reading glasses back on to read the text. Next thing, your phone rings, and you wear the glasses again to see who's calling.

Another problem is that you will always be on the lookout for any damage that might happen to your reading glasses. There is also the issue of forgetting your glasses at home or in the office. This is likely to happen when you're in a rush. Consequently, you would be visually handicapped throughout the time you are without the glasses.

There are also cases of missing reading glasses – the hassle is never-ending and just too much. But all hope is not lost. There is another even better option – laser eye surgery!

Can laser eye surgery treat reading vision problems?

Right now, there are several treatment options offering non-temporary correction for problems with reading vision. Great, isn't it? This is possible with the ever-evolving technology in surgical procedures.

So much success has been recorded with the use of laser surgery for reading vision problems. How does it work? Your surgeon will use a precision laser to change the shape of your cornea to fix any vision defect present. Note that a couple of procedures, including diagnostic testing, may happen before the surgery takes place. This is done to ensure you get the most out of the treatment.

Laser eye treatments come in various forms, including LASEK, ReLEx SMILE and LASIK. Your condition will determine if the surgeon will see you as a suitable candidate for laser eye surgery. They will decide which treatment option is best for your case.

Lens replacement surgery is another alternative treatment. Developed to be an innovative treatment, this option can fix a myriad of visual impairments. It can also treat and prevent cataracts, a condition where the eyes' natural lens gets clouded.

Get treatment for presbyopia

Are you having any of the symptoms of this condition mentioned above? Is your reading glasses becoming a burden? We offer a free consultation. You can come to us and see how we can be of help.

At The Lasik, we give our optical patients the best eye care possible. Thanks to our team of NHS-trained surgeons who are also Fellows of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists – we are very much prepared to give all our patients an excellent vision.

We have the world-best surgeons at our clinic – you will begin and finish your treatment with the same surgeon. So, go ahead and schedule an appointment with a member of our team.


Presbyopia is a common optical condition that affects ageing people. That your eyes are healthy doesn't mean you can't develop the condition.

If you've been using reading glasses as a solution to a reading vision problem, and it's starting to be hectic, you should try laser eye surgery. The treatment eliminates all the fuss associated with reading glasses. Laser eye surgery can treat visual impairment effectively. The best thing about it is that it's a long-term solution. For more information and treatment, feel free to book a consultation with The Lasik clinic in London.

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