Laser eye surgery costs


Laser eye surgery has gradually become a popular procedure for vision correction.A lot of people have seen the benefit of improving ones’ vision through laser eye surgery. Sadly, most people decide to go for laser eye surgery without knowing the costs and all that is involved.

Here in this article, we would be bringing to you how much is laser eye treatment cost in the UK by surveying several laser eye surgery patients, and you would also find out all you need to know about laser eye surgery.

Cost of laser eye surgery in the UK

Prices advertised for laser eye surgery differ from clinic to clinic in the UK. The prices can start from as low as £595 per eye to as high as £2,600 per eye. The cost of laser eye surgery will go higher if you decide to go for Wavefront. Wavefront is a type of personalised eye mapping technology, also called iDesign or IntraLase. Laser eye procedure with Wavefront can cost anywhere from £1,495 to £3,250 per eye.

For individuals or patients to get reduced prices, it means the prices are for less common laser treatments like the PRK or the LASEK. Before you commit to laser eye surgery, be on the lookout for additional consultation fees and deposits too. Also, find out the conditions where they are refundable. Furthermore, ask about aftercare, what may be included in the cost, who will do it, where it will be carried out, how long the clinic will support your aftercare treatment, and what will happen if anything does not go according to plan.

Cost of lens exchange surgery

Lens exchange surgery is one whereby your natural lens is replaced with a synthetic or artificial one. Over the years, as the procedure has become popular, the prices have become stable.

Lens exchange surgery can be of two types, with a monofocal lens or with a multifocal lens. This means that if you have your lens replaced with a monofocal one, the cost can start from £1,995 per eye to £3,250. On the other hand, if you are going for a multifocal lens, the cost can be upwards from £3,195 to £5,000 per eye. Also, note that the cost of the specialist lenses can increase the overall price of either the monofocal or multifocal lens as well. Additionally, you may be charged more if you have an additional problem like astigmatism or complex refractive errors.

Cost of implantable contact lenses

Implantable lens varies, and as the variation differ, so does the cost. The variation means that the lens can either be simple or specialist, toric or non-toric. Additionally, the charges will also go up if you have astigmatism or keratoconus.

How to choose a Lasik Eye Clinic

When choosing a lasik eye clinic in London, you have the option of either going to a high-end company or a small chain or independent clinic.

Contrary to what most people will think, higher or larger chain companies tend to charge lower prices. Meanwhile, smaller chain companies, hospitals or individual clinics tend to charge more, but that is not the case.

Choosing the right company for this procedure is very vital. This is to make sure that you are working with a company that has the right expertise. For example, if you have a very high or complex prescription or risk factor like diabetes, you will be less likely to be treated by high street clinics. Fortunately, you can always discuss your needs with the clinic you hope to get treated in and find out how possible it will be to get treated by them.

Finally, note that not all treatments are offered by all clinics.

Should I pay in full before laser eye surgery?

Usually, you will have to consult with your surgeon before any form of payment will be requested. In some cases, you may be asked to pay in full in advance of your surgery. If this is the case, we would advise you to think carefully before proceeding.

Should I pay in advance for laser eye surgery?

As earlier mentioned, you may be asked to make a full advance payment ahead of your surgery, but this is unlikely. Also, you may be asked to make a deposit by the clinic to secure your slot. If either of the above is the case, consider the following before parting ways with your money.

  • Have you conducted your research on the clinic, and are you convinced the clinic is right for you?
  • Are you convinced that the type of surgery is right for you and will help you achieve the best treatment for your eyes?
  • Are the treatment options and costs clear enough?
  • Are you happy with the setup or operation of the clinic? Will it be possible if you wish to see your surgeon before the day of the surgery?
  • Are you aware of the risks and potential complications of the surgery and the chances of them happening?
  • Are you aware of what will happen if you change your mind about the surgery? Does the clinic offer a period which you can cool off or make up your mind?
  • Do you know what aftercare is, and is it included in the cost?

Should I be offered a cooling-off period when I book?

According to the General Medical Council, a minimum period for cooling off is a week, and this is recommended after your initial appointment and consent discussion with the surgeon that will be performing the surgery. However, you should note that this is only a recommendation.

If you are signing up for surgery on the provider’s premises, know that there is no standard cooling-off period that they will be legally obliged to offer you.

While many will offer a short period during which you are allowed to change your mind and get a full refund, some may not.If any cooling-off period is offered, the details will be provided in the terms and conditions given to you. If you are unclear about anything, ask questions before signing the contract.

Know what you are signing up for

Below are some of the things you will need to look at in the terms and conditions you will be provided with.

  • If you have the right to cancel if you change your mind
  • If you are entitled to a refund if you change your mind after speaking to a surgeon
  • If you will need to pay in full for your surgery
  • If there are any other fees, you will have to pay, like non-refundable consultation fees.

Be on the lookout for terms and conditions that are unfair such as these

  • If you are not allowed a refund when you change your mind after speaking to a surgeon
  • If there are non-refundable deposits and payments after you have changed your mind following a change in the type of procedure recommended
  • If changes can be made to your surgery by the provider without a chance to reschedule or cancel
  • If there are additional fees, especially if they are for what you thought you signed up already

What are my cancellation rights?

According to the survey conducted, it showed that 10% of respondents who had laser eye surgery said the cancellation rights were not properly explained to them. The previous investigation also uncovered some unfair selling practices like sale pitches that were misleading and pressure to book the same day without giving enough time for research.

If you have already signed up for laser eye surgery but want to cancel, the clinic should offer you the cooling-off period recommended by the General Medical Council. This is possible if it was the case in the terms and conditions you signed. If the cooling-off period has expired, you are unlikely to get your money back.

Should I see my surgeon before the day of the surgery?

Yes, you should. However, this depends on the clinic and whether they charge extra for it or not. There have been discussions taking place online and not necessarily face to face.

Note that your surgery should not be on the same day as your initial appointment, and also, there should not be time-limited discounts. If for any reason, you decide to have the procedure sooner than expected, the clinic should document your reasons and not feel pressured to go ahead with the surgery.

What are the questions I should ask my surgeon?

You should know that any surgical procedure cannot be reversed, and thus anyone considering it should ask their surgeon a couple of questions like;

  • How many patients have come in for further treatment in order to improve on the initial results
  • What is the connection between age-related presbyopia and the need for reading glasses in your 40’s?It has been discovered that most people get this, and laser eye surgery will not be able to cure it.
  • Find out the previous results your surgeon has had. This is important because the more the operations carried out by a surgeon, the higher the success rate.

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