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Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas For Men & Women

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Halloween is the time of the year when you can be just about anyone or anything you want to be. Which makes it the most fun and exciting holiday for children and adults alike. Some Halloween lovers even plan more than one look for social events as soon as October draws close. No matter how much you plan though, the holiday sneaks up way faster than expected. Hence, last-minute costume ideas are always welcome and needed. Our guide will inspire you into making creative DIY Halloween that won't even take too much time.

Before you make a dash to the store or make a craft supplies order online, go through your cabinets first. Most of the ideas we have mentioned simply take the things you already have in your closet. All you need to do is bring them up with a few accessories and some make-up.

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1.      Be a Burrito

First up on our list of easy Halloween costumes for women and men is, a burrito! Because who doesn’t love a good burrito right? And even more so when all it takes is 10 minutes to transform yourself into one. The things you will need are silver shoes, a silver skirt, a tan or burrito colored top to be precise. Top it all off with a DIY lettuce collar to seal the deal.

2.      The Fairest of Them All

Take a leaf from the book of Disney and be the fairest maiden of all! Go for the lost cherub look with the classic Snow White ensemble. All you will need is a short brunette wig, a red bow, a blue top, and a yellow skirt. Or delve deeper into the Halloween spirit and tweak the costume and make-up for a gothic Snow White. You can easily get them on Christmas Jackets Deal, on The Genuine Leather Jackets at very minimal prices

3.      Smarty Pants

Nerd is the new black and you cannot deny it! Especially when we all had to pick up a book or two when holed up in our homes for Covid-19. And this might be the funniest Halloween costume ideas for 2020 because…wait till you hear it. All you need to do is attach Smarties packets to an old jean with glue dots or strong tape. And that is literally it. Get the pun now? Pull-on these delectable jeans with your most comfortable tee and don some nerdy glasses to complete the look.

Batsy Batsy

Halloween without bats is just incomplete right. And there are so many ways you can customize a Bat costume. However,  the one we have in mind is the easiest to make! Upcycling an old umbrella is your ticket to being a full-fledged bat. Cut it in half and use hot glue to attach to the arms of a hooded jacket. Fasten the hinges of the umbrella with black tape so they can fold properly. Make foam ears and stick them onto your head for the final finish.

4.      My name is Sabrina Spellman

“And I will not sign it away!”. We all got goosebumps when Sabrina put Satan into his place in the exciting Netflix show. And how would a Halloween costume list be complete without easy cosplay ideas? Especially, without Sabrina who is absolutely the queen of all things dark. Interesting contrast when it comes to her looks though because you cannot find one sweeter than that. With a white blonde bob wig, which is the only edgy thing about her appearance, you can easily play Sabrina. Choose a classy women’s red jacket with a lacy white collar to imitate her iconic look. For props, you will need a black headband and a cake. Why the cake? Well, watch the series to find out.

5.      A Nod to Ross

And that is not the Ross who was on a break. Bob Ross, the god of mesmerizing painting sessions with his soothing voice deserves recognition on this holiday. And it is so easy to be him too. All you will need is a voluminous brown curly wig, blue button-down and jeans. The great thing about this costume is that you can easily make it a couple’s costume too. Though, you can also wear a Green leather jacket, but have your other half dress up as one of those “happy little trees” that Bob loved to draw.

Here we wrap up our list of Halloween costumes that are extremely easy to DIY. You will find all you need for them in your house and the costume will be ready in no time. Include your friends and family in the fun and have a costume making party make Halloween even more enjoyable. You can even give darker spins to each of these costumes if you are more into looking spooky. A zombie Snow White, vampire bat, a serial killer Smarty Pants...,.the list is simply endless!


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