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Last-Minute Mirror Checks Before You Leave the House

You’re ready to leave for work or to meet your friends, but you wouldn’t leave before giving yourself a final look in the mirror. This could be your chance to see if you have both your earrings on, or if your hair part is just the way it should be. However, before you walk out the door, there are other things to check when you look in the mirror. 

Here are some of them: 

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Your foundation and concealer 

Being two of the first products you put on your face, these serve as the base for the rest of your makeup. When they are not in place, or when they are not blended well, it does not matter how expensive the eyebrow makeup you bought online or how on point your contour is. Everything will look sloppy under an imperfect base, and they will not last the whole day. As you look in the mirror, make sure you apply finishing powder or a setting spray to get everything settled and fixed. If the foundation looks cakey, however, you might want to fix that before leaving the house so that you will not get weird stares outside. 

Your collar 

Everyone can see you as you step out of the house, and they will judge you by your looks. This doesn’t just mean makeup. They may also make a lot of assumptions based on what you’re wearing or how professional you look. That wrinkled collar will betray all the hours you’ve spent perfecting your outfit. All it will tell people is that you did not care enough about your appearance to go out in a wrinkled top. 

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Your teeth 

There is nothing more embarrassing than having something stuck in your teeth and not knowing about it until someone has already seen it. What’s even worse is that you could have checked it before you left the house, but you didn’t because you were in a rush. Imagine if you were heading to an interview but decided to skip the mirror check. Imagine if you were going on a date and there was lipstick on your teeth. Imagine if it was graduation day and you took so many photos not knowing the problem. Save yourself from all the potential embarrassment you may never live down by simply checking your teeth in the mirror. 

Your mood 

It’s not just your physical attributes that need to be checked before you leave the house. You also want to be aware of your current mood and adjust your actions accordingly, to improve your day. For instance, if you know you’re nervous about heading out, give yourself a pep talk. If you’re overly excited, find ways to tone it down. If you’re angry, be aware of the fact so that you will not worsen your mood, or worse, take it out on others you meet on the street. Any bad day can be turned around if you’re aware of the problem. 

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Save yourself from embarrassing situations. No matter how pressed for time you are, always make sure you give yourself one final look before heading out. 

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