Lasting Consequences of Not Wearing a Helmet in a Motorcycle Accident


Motorcycle rides are fun and enjoyable. You get the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery and feel the breeze in your face since wearing helmets is not mandatory.

On the other hand, there are many motorcycle accidents in the streets every year.

As a motorcycle rider, it is important to always wear a helmet. Helmets protect your head from any trauma if you are involved in an accident.

Motorcycle accidents are thought to be more dangerous and fatal than car accidents even at slow speeds.

Most motorcycle accidents can be attributed to distracted driving and not the motorcyclist fault. A helmed will reduce the chances of long lasting trauma to the head.


Here are some lasting consequences of not wearing a helmet in a motor cycle accident.


Many motorcycle accidents lead to death. This happens more when the motorcyclists do not wear helmets.

As motorcycle riders are more exposed to the ground than those in a car, many high-speed motorcycle accidents will result in the rider hitting the road or pavement hard and sometimes in hard to imagine angles.

Most times, this results in instant death to the rider who does not wear a helmet.

Wearing a helmet reduces the chances of death in case of an accident by 37%.

Brain damage and concussions

The impact from a motorcycle accident can cause the rider to suffer brain damage whether they were wearing a helmet or not. The helmet helps to reduce the severity of the brain damage.

Most times, the rider suffers the effect of this brain damage for a long period of time.

Over this period, and depending on the severity, they may have to rely on other parties to help them go about their normal business successfully.

A motorcycle accident lawyer can help you get compensation if you are involved in a dangerous accident.

Spinal injuries

Spinal injuries are also severe and lasting consequences of a motorcycle accident.

This will also vary in severity depending on the impact of the accident on the rider. It is probable that a motorcycle accident will cause the rider to end up using a wheel chair for most or all of their lives going forward.

Spinal injuries affect the spine eliminating the ability to walk.

The victim could seek compensation for the results of the accident. Hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer helps increase the chances of winning a higher amount of compensation than going to court without a lawyer.

Facial disfigurement

When a motorcycle accident occurs, the rider often hits the ground head first.

In addition to concussions and brain damage, this can also result in facial disfigurement. This can be caused by broken bones or road rash as the rider slides on the road.

It may be a long while before broken facial bones and injuries can heal. Even after they have healed, the riders face may never look as it did before the accident.


Motorcycle accidents occur often. It is important, even when not compulsory to always wear a helmet when riding.

In case of an accident, it is wise to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer. They will help you get compensation as you recover from the effects of the accident.