Latest Trends for Home Extension in 2020


There is no better way to transform your home, adding value to the property, and creating the perfect place to relax as a family than expanding the home. Not only does this worthwhile investment come with a wealth of benefits, but there are also endless possibilities considering design ideas. To give you some inspiration, we've put together our favorite home extension design trend so far!

Do you want to increase the value of your home? You can consider building home extensions. It is a valuable investment with numerous benefits. Fortunately, there are countless design ideas for a home extension. If you want to get an idea of expense, feel free to check Cameron Construction house extensions cost.

From a comfortable living room to open kitchen, there are plenty of opportunities to build your home extension. You can follow these trends to plan your home extension.

Combine Garden and Home

You may not get sunshine in the UK for an extended part of the year. For this reason, everyonewants to enjoy the sunshine when it showers some love. Garden is an excellent place to enjoy your favorite songs and do a party to spend more time in the sun. 


Moreover, you will love to spend long evenings in summer in the garden. To make it happen, you can create a seamless changeover between your garden and home. A clear outdoor opening may be a beautiful home extension. If you have sufficient space for a garden, you can consider bi-folding and French styles.

Beautiful Living Room

If you want a stylish extension in your home, you can consider an open living room with modern décor. They look gorgeous to create a spacious environment. Moreover, open living rooms have numerous benefits. These places are perfect for bringing a family together.

You can spend some quality time with each other. Feel free to combine this place with a kitchen. It allows you to socialize with guests while cooking food. In this way, you can increase the value of your property. Moreover, you will get an extra seating area. Here are some ideas for this extension:

Use glass sliding doors to divide the space into small zones and invite natural light.

Design an L-shaped functional kitchen with an island. It will be ideal for removing clutter of your room.Moreover, sliding curtains can be temporary dividers to divide your room.

Add Layers to Increase Comfort

You can upgrade the appearance of your home extension with layering. Different layers can give a new life to your home. Remember, you will have several color options to decorate your space. Make sure to follow a color scheme or combine two colors. Moreover, you can choose a neutral palette.

If you want to add some texture to an extension, you can add rugs. Beautiful rugs are suitable for tiled and wooden floor to define your space. Moreover, cozy blankets and comfortable cushions can increase the comfort of your room.

To decorate your space, choose beautiful wall arts. Several trendy options are available to adore your contemporary aesthetic. Combine two to three pieces of print to define a beautiful focal point of your room.

Remember, you should not ignore nature while decorating your room. Incorporate flowers and plants to interior design. It will help you to add natural colors to your home. You can choose between fresh flowers on your dining table or a stylish plant pot to decorate a corner. No doubt, all these efforts will help you to increase the value of your home.

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