Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Latest Viral Trends about Cannabis Concentrate Packaging

With cannabis items becoming legalized in more and more states, the competition among different sellers has increased. Every business desires to get ahead of all the competing brands. The secret of staying on the top lies in the packaging design. If you want to look upfront in the market in terms of sales and visibility, your cannabis concentrate packaging should look perfect. As a designer, you need to know which design ideas can work best for your brand. In case you are not aware of these, you must follow some trending ideas to stand out. Here are some of the trending cannabis packaging design ideas which can prove beneficial for you.

Green practices:

Going green with your wholesale concentrate packaging is a new and viral trend in the marijuana industry. The environment around us is greatly polluted by various factors, with the packaging being the prime factor. Adaptation of non-eco-friendly materials during the production of packaging has contributed a lot to damaging natural resources. With the increased awareness among the marijuana business dealers, green practices are being promoted while packing the concentrates. More and more marketers are adopting sustainable means by manufacturing an environmentally friendly box for concentrates. Special attention is paid to ensure the maximum recyclability, reusability, and degradability of this box during production. Not only are the cannabis manufacturers promoting the use of sustainable packages, but they are also encouraging the customers to adopt green practices. They motivate the individuals as well as masses to reuse and recycle the concentrate packages. 

Health is the Focal Point:

In the past, marijuana was seen from the perspective of recreation only. But the advanced researches have now proven that cannabis proves beneficial in eliminating various kinds of health hazards. With the discovery of the medical properties of marijuana, the brands are incorporating different medical symbols in the packaging design to capitalize. These medical symbols give a hint to the shoppers that the marijuana you are selling is healthy for you. For instance, the pain-relieving aspect of concentrates is highlighted through a sophisticated medical symbol. The marketers also capitalize on the health benefits of marijuana by adopting the use of color psychology. Different kinds of shapes and patterns are also drawn by the businesses to slightly hint at the origin of the product inside and its health benefits.

Ambient color schemes:

Another trend which you should follow while designing marijuana packaging is the use of ambient color themes. Ambient color schemes mean that you should take inspiration from the overall ambiance of your brand. The parent brand theme is also worth considering while selecting the right color combination for your concentrate packages. Most of the brands are using green-themed boxes as the cannabis leaves are green in color. The muted green and brown color theme is getting popular to print various patterns and text on the surface of marijuana boxes. The green theme is also being followed in printing the unique logos of the brands. Some famous concentrate brands are using the elements of the classic green theme to emphasize the green attributes of marijuana.

Leafy artwork:

The leafy artwork is being inscribed for making the concentrate box look attractive. This is because the resembling artwork with the product captures the heed of potential clients in the competitive market. So, add the leafy sketches and illustrations to make your boring box look appealing. The concentrate consumers get attracted by the outer look of the box rather than the product inside. Adding the pointy concentrate leaves into your packaging design may seem a cliché to you, but it has done wonders for marijuana brands. This type of artwork grabs the attention of concentrate lovers instantaneously and compel them to make a purchase from your company. The leafy artwork, combined with some branding elements such as your company’s logo, makes your product stand out among all the competitors. 



Another viral trend in the marijuana industry is the use of a minimalist approach while designing the concentrate packages. This is because minimalism imparts a contemporary and more stylish look to your concentrate items. Cannabis products are related to the theme of relaxation and meditation. The clean and simple designs also convey the same feelings. The minimalist designs may seem a bit different from other designs, as most of us are not used to these designs. But adopting a minimalist design is a sure way to appeal to the customers quickly. Some black and white designs are most relevant and appropriate for a minimalist marijuana box design. This design increases the perceived value of your concentrate products by making them look high-quality. 

Following the trends while designing your cannabis concentrate packaging, can assist you in making a long-lasting impression on the minds of the consumers. The brands are adopting and encouraging green practices while designing the packaging. Highlighting the health benefits of marijuana products is their main focus. Besides, going minimal and using ambient color themes is also a trend in the cannabis industry.

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