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Leaf of life Botanicals – Incredible products and inexpensive rates


Quality and prices, both are very important factors while purchasing products online or offline. Some vendors sell high-quality but at very high rates. Some vendors sell low-quality and low/high rates. In such conditions, finding a vendor who is selling high-quality at inexpensive rates is truly a big blessing. 

Leaf of life botanical is an ideal example of such a vendor who is selling high-quality at low rates. The vendor providing with all the important hers which holds many advantages. Kratom is one of their most famous product. The ratio of Kratom sales at their store is higher than other herbs. The top reason is that Kratom is a leading herb and its popularity is increasing day by day.

It was a short intro about the leaf of life botanicals. Keep reading and find out more interesting facts about this vendor. 

Kratom strains:

Kratomites are also concerned with the number of strains offered by any vendor. It is a fact that more choices and diversity of products always attract customers. The vendor is attracting clients by offering them various strains of Kratom. These strains are brought from the reliable sources. Currently, 29 Kratom strains are available in their stock. These strains are manufactured from white, green, red and yellow veined leaves. The vendor is offering them in two different forms i.e powdered form and blend form. Following strains comes in the list of these forms: 

Powder form: 

  • White Aceh

  • White Horn

  • White enlighted Kratom

  • Aceh good Kratom

  • Red Bentuangie

  • Red Maeng Da

  • Red Borneo

  • Green Malay

  •  Green JongKong

  • Green Bali

  • Aceh Yellow Kratom

  • Super Yellow Kratom

Blend form:

Pink bunny blend, Aceh zen Kratom blend and pink Maeng Da Kratom blend are available at leag of life botanicals. 

Quality of Kratom:

Compromising on quality is not the style of leaf of life botanicals. They are very promising and aims to deliver high and incredible quality products. This is why it is quite impossible to get the same products as available at their store. Their Kratom holds unique possessions which is due to its freshness. 

Products are always tested in the lab. Unfresh and contaminated Kratom is wasted. 

Prices of the products: 

Prices are very reasonable.   They are below the market rate. Leaf of life botanical is vending 1 ounce of Kratom powder at $9.99. Similarly, the cost of a 1kg Kratom powder pack is also very less. It is offered at $99.999. Though, many vendors are offering 1kg above $100. This is the reason that they are counted among the most inexpensive vendors selling online. 

Shipping of the products:

Shipping is free of cost. Only those states where Kratom is considered as a legal drug are applicable to order it from them. They use USPS to ships products and add no extra charges for it. However, if any customer wants another method with fast deliver then he may have to pay some dollar as a shipment cost.

Refunding strategy: 

They have a suitable and fair refunding strategy. Within 30 days after receiving the product, the customer has a chance to request for refund. Fortunately, 100% money-back assurance is given to the buyers. You just have to given then their product back and they will simply return all your money. 

Payment options:

Following are the payment options given by leaf of life botanicals: 

  • Green e-check

  • G pay

  • Coin payments

  • Cash app

  • Venmo


Discounts are applied in the form of points. The customer is free to earn points in the following ways.

Firstly, if customer shared their vendor link on his Facebook then he will automatically get points. 

Secondly, on every purchase customer automatically receive some points which can be used later to avail discounts.

Thirdly, recommending leaf of life botanicals to your friends will also perk you with some points. 

Customer reviews: 

Leaf of life botanicals have a separate fan-base in Florida. Their reputation can be judged by going through some of the reviews given by their patrons. 

“Oh! What a good quality of Kratom. I got my product very quickly and yes at very less cost.”

“I am so greatful to them. At the start, I was not familiar with Kratom. Their team member helped e out and answer my all questions patiently. It gives me relief from pain and enhances my energy.”

“They can change the world. I feel so lucky to be a regular customer of the leaf of life.” 

“It is very simple to order products on their website. I am so excited after using their product.”


Their website deserve appreciate. I was impressed and shock after visiting their official website for the first time How could someone plan it so accurately and professionally? All the information is available there. They have shared so much with their customers. 

They have shared beautiful pictures of Kratom over there. To clear the though of new customers about them, they have also advertised reviews given by their customers. 

Contacting the vendor:

Feel free to contact them anytime. They are always available for their patrons. Thye loveee to assist them. There are three ways to contact them.  They are as follow: 

Phone number: (888) 430-8728

Email: [email protected] 

Address: 11884 North Williams street Dunnellon FL 3432

Final Verdict: 

There is no doubt in it that leaf of life botanical is a very promising and well-reputed vendor. It is not less than an ideal choice for Kratomites. They are giving a complete package to their customers by offering high-quality at low rates. They are also perking with reward programs and incredible services for their customers. 


They are completely different from other stores. A very reliable and expert team is hired to assist customers. Purchasing from them and talking with their team feels like you are talking with your family members.

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