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Learn about the best cryptocurrency exchange

More information about the best place to buy crypto

This article describes how the simplicity of Cryptology will benefit you.

The characteristic of the trading platform

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  1. Easy to use
    The service that is easy to use implies faster services. Conversely, platforms that are difficult to operate can take a long time to trade.
  2. Low charges
    The costs incurred in a trading matter a lot. You will pay for the following
    ● Rollover.
    ● Entry.
    ● Exit.
    If the above charges are high, you will have little to spend.
  3. The countries that the service supports.
    After completing all the necessary steps, nothing is as frustrating as finding out a trading service is not available in your region.
  4. Leverage
    Trading with no leverage is risky. However, it is what increases your earnings.
  5. Amount of available pairs.
    Traders that need to analyze many markets would not want to center on leading currencies only. You will want to check all the existing cryptos.
  6. A simple withdrawal activity

Currently, trading takes place on the platform with no charges. People get one hundred dollars for their initial dollars deposit. After that, the amount leverages up to 100x.
Go on reading to know the advantages and disadvantages of the crypto trading platform. You will learn everything that takes place from registration, making a deposit, withdrawing funds, and more.
Cryptology Earn
The Earn feature is for passive income.
The cryptocurrency exchange developers introduced it this year in September. You can use it to earn various cryptos and a few stable coins. In addition, you can invest with your bank card, and you can monitor what you make daily and withdraw or reinvest funds.
The amount earned varies depending on the currency.
● Stable coins like USDC, DAI, and USDT give customers 1% per year.
● Bitcoin provides you as high as 8% annually.
The best thing about the new Earn feature is that you will not incur any charges when you deposit funds.
Below are the steps followed when signing up:
● There is a form where you enter your name, email ID, and password.
● You cannot use the service without accepting the terms of use.
The platform allows registration using Google also. You may open an institutional or personal account. If you choose the latter, you can only have a trading account.
The difference between the Global Wire and Trading accounts
● The trading account allows making various deposits and withdrawals.
● The Global account allows depositing fiat money and cryptos using a bank card or wire transfer. It is possible to withdraw cryptos and fiat for fiat cash. Withdrawals are for the account you use to make payment.
● A trading account lets users deposit both cryptos and fiat money. However, you can only withdraw cryptos.
How to deposit fiat money
You can use the following methods
● Mastercard.
● Visa.
Global accounts withdraw using wire transfer only.
Cryptology requires people to undergo a two-step verification procedure.
Basic process
The limit is ten thousand dollars. You need to upload the following:
● A passport.
● Driving license.
● A national identification card.
● A photo with the above document.
Full verification
The process requires you to prove your address. There will be no limits if you pass this step.
Spot Exchange and BTC Futures trading
The exchange service
Below is what you have:
● The order book.
● Trading history.
● A Trading View chart.
● An order form that allows buying and selling at the limit or market.
The platform is the same as the Exchange service. The only difference is that users select leverage.
Both platforms are straightforward and interactive.
Charges, deposit, and withdrawal methods
Most crypto exchanges charge fees depending on the trading volume. So the amount you will pay when you use Cryptology is 0.002.
If it is fiat, expect to pay a 2.65% fee if you deposit using debit and credit cards. The minimum amount you pay is twenty-five dollars, one thousand rubbles, or twenty Euros.
If you live in Brazil, you have other deposit methods. The fees are between 1.7% and 3.6% for as little as one dollar payment.
The fees for EUR SEPA are 0.45% for as low as one Euro deposit.
If you have complete verification, you can use the wire transfer method, which has no costs as low as twenty-five dollars.
If you have an Institutional account, you can withdraw fiat. However, you can only use SEPA accounts, and the charges are seven Euros for a low as fifty Euros transaction.
There are different conditions for depositing and withdrawing digital assets. Also, you cannot remove certain assets.
The fastest and safest cryptocurrency exchange is a global service.
The only place you cannot find Cryptology is in Japan and the US. There is news that other widely-used services are leaving some countries. However, Cryptology is not one of them.
Cryptology pairs
● Bitcoin/USD
● Bitcoin/USD Perpetual
● Ethereum/USD Perpetual
● Electro-Optical System/USD Perpetual
● Maker/USD Perpetual
● Synthetix Network Token/USD Perpetual
● Tronix/USD Perpetual
● Steller/USD Perpetual
● YFI/USD Perpetual
● Bitcoin Cash/USD Perpetual
● Litecoin/USD Perpetual
● Zcash/USD Perpetual
Spot Exchange
● Bitcoin
● Ethereum
● Ripple
● Steller
● Bitcoin Cash
● Litecoin
● Zcash
● Tether
● USD Coin
● Basic Attention Token
● Tronix
If you wish to trade fiat money, you can use the following:
● US dollars.
● Euros.
● Ruble.
The following section will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Cryptology exchange.

  1. The support system
    As seen from most customers’ reviews, the platform has the best support system. For example, if you send a question, you can expect a response within ten minutes. That is fast compared to other similar venues where you can get assisted after several hours.
    Another thing about the support center is that the people that attend to customers are friendly. The way they respond to queries is also straight to the point.
  2. Bonus
    If you deposit for the first time, you will get a reward. New customers enjoy a $100 bonus for the initial $100 payment.
  3. Availability
    The cryptocurrency exchange platform is global. You can find it in all other countries apart from the US and Japan.
  4. 0% trading charges
    The platform is currently allowing users to trade for free. The offers started on 3rd August, and it will go on until 30th September.
  5. Leverage
    Users can expect as high as 100x leverage for Futures trading.
  6. Minimum order
    The lowest order size on the platform is $0.10.

The only Cryptology drawbacks are:
● The spot exchange has no margin trading.
● It is not possible to withdraw fiat using a personal account.
As seen from the article, the platform is the easiest cryptocurrency exchange to use. The characteristics and advantages are explained in detail to help you decide whether it will suit you or not.

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