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Learn all about SEO FOR 2020

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Since the spread of the pandemic Covid’19 people have been confined to their homes as the world all over is experiencing a lockdown to stop the spread of the virus. In such testing times and with a lot of time on their hands people are looking to invest their time in activities that will help them get their mind off of the depressing situation and invest it in fun or educational activities. Essay writers UK suggest people to become internet savvy and learn all about SEO. There are many benefits of learning SEO if you are a business owner or run a website, you can also learn all about it if you plan to do any of those things once the pandemic ends. For the help of people everywhere we have jot down the structural concepts of the se that is SEO to help you kick start the journey. In this guide you will find all the basics which you can later expand on and learn in depth. So let’s begin:

Basics Of SEO

Whenever you intend to learn about anything you must first learn the basics of the concept. If you are new to SEO chances are that you do not have the right knowledge to directly jump into the more complex concepts. Therefore, lets begin with the basics.

What is SEO?

SEO is a tool that is used to improve the rating of a website on different search engines. If your website is ranked higher it is probable that it will show up on the top of search results. It is an important marketing strategy that uses keywords in-order to market their website. SEO has different techniques that you can master. You must make your website worthy enough to be able to be linked with other sites in multiple ways.

Search Engines

Search engines are essential to SEO, it is where people submit search queries and using 3 main steps they give out the top most results.

1.     Crawling

Crawling is the scanning of all the data that is available on the website. It looks at all the sections and all the content including images displayed on the website. They then connect the content to other websites and link them together.

2.     Indexing

After a website is constructed search operators mark it and include it in their long lists of all the websites there are. Each time a website or its content is updated it gets crawled gain.

3.     Picking Results

This is the most crucial step, this is where what every search query is made is checked against several websites to produce results that are closest to it. This is why content producers incorporate keywords in their content to make sure it closely connects with what the researcher is searching for.

On- Page SEO

The SEO on-page has a lot of constituents which need to be carried out step by step.

Step 1. Search Before Writing

The most important part of SEO is curating content that people are actually searching for. What use will it be if you write about something that is of no interest to anyone. This is why before you start writing anything you must do a thorough research as to what the public is searching for and then create content accordingly.

Step 2. Tags And Headlines

Create titles and headlines in an attractive way so that viewers can instantly know what your website is all about. Incorporate keywords keenly into the titles so that your website gets highlighted easily. Make sure you follow a specific character count so that it shows up neatly on the search engine.

Step 3. SEO Based URLs

Using generic or auto based URLs is not impressive, use a URL that corresponds with what your website is all about. Keep the URL to the point and don’t prolong it.

Step 4. More Multimedia

Multimedia is the best way to attract your audience. The online audience prefers videos, images and other infographics over reading long paragraphs. It increases your engagement drastically, if you feel that you need to write something down and cannot make a video about it then include some multimedia to indulge your audience.

Content And SEO

There is a lot of debate going on whether content and SEO work together or play separately in order to market your site. To be successful in your marketing you mustn’t indulge in this debate and waste your time but think about how you can use both of them to the best of your ability. A content that is written beautifully but has no optimization will hardly ever get discovered and read. Similarly, if you do a very good SEO but the content is mundane chances are that the public will not read it. Always create unique content so that it stands out. Once you know your content is unique you must put all your effort in the SEO of it.

Keyword Research

SEO depends on using the right keywords at the right place. If you create content without using any or improper keywords your content will not be ranked and won’t show up on search engines. The traffic on your website will also be terribly low. Thus you must make sure you make good use of the keywords. But what keywords should you use? You can search the keywords on different search engines and see if they show up, you can also find a list at the bottom of the page titled “searches related to *insert keyword here*”.

Link Building

Link building is also an important aspect of SEO, it is the construction of link that connect several websites to each other. These links are reviewed by crawlers and then the content gets indexed. Search engines go through these links and explore all the new websites to review the authority of the website. There are two types of back links, do-follow backlinks and no follow backlinks.

1.     Do-follow backlink

This type passes the authority among the two pages that are linked together.  

2.     No-follow backlink

Crawlers do not count these links as they do not link two sites together.


UX (User Experience) is an extension to SEO, it’s a fairly new designed process which helps digitally market any website. User’s experience entails the experience a user has had with a company and its product. The ideology behind UX says that a company must always keep working to improve the way they deal with customers. It can be anything from the design of the website to the meta descriptions and titles you use.

 SEO has a lot of future ahead of it. There are several things that get updated and introduced you still and an entire ocean to discover so keep on looking for different resources to learn about SEO and all of its constituents. You can watch videos, join groups and even take up different quizzes to see how well you’ve learned SEO. There are several bloggers out there that have dedicated their blogs to teach the masses about SEO. Our Essay Writers UK suggest you to utilize this free time and up your skills so that when you re-enter the world you can make a difference for yourself.

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