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Learn How Chinese Five Elements Play a Major Role in Your Life

Chinese Astrology has a different nomenclature towards a person’s destiny. According to Chinese Philosophy, Universe has different fundamental elements that govern the lives of humans. They are

  1. Wood
  2. Fire
  3. Earth
  4. Metal
  5. Water

The interactions among these 5 fundamental elements determine the lifestyle of the people. This also signifies a person’s life is controlled and activated by these five elements.

For you to know what is my Chinese zodiac sign and element, is a must so that you can understand what is in store for you in future. Of course, any astrology predicts the future, isn’t it?

Five Elements and Chinese Zodiac – What is the Connection?

The five elements are associated with different things on the planet. The characteristics of each element are also different from one another. The varied aspects of nature like direction, colour, shape are some of the associations of these Elements.

For example, Wood signifies ‘East’ while fire denotes south. We may see this as Feng Shui associations too. It is believed in Chinese Astrology that, the world changes under these five elements. There must be a balance between them and if it is not well balanced, then there is havoc. There are proofs in the history that matches with the theory too. A lot of natural calamities and man-made disasters have occurred when the elements are not in the right balance. If this is a coincidence, the shreds of evidence prove it to be the other way.

The primary role of the five elements is to

  1. Generate or
  2. Overcome

Generating Interactions: This denotes growing from scratch. The generating interaction of the elements is birth, conception, formation.

Let us see the generating interaction among all the five elements

Wood Fuels the Fire; Inturn Fire Forms the Earth; Earth Contains the Metal; The Metals carry Water; Water, in turn, feeds the plants.

The interconnectivity among all the five elements is not only in generating interactions but also in Overcoming interactions.

Overcoming Interactions: Fire Melts the Metal; Metal can penetrate the Wood; Wood Separates the Earth; Earth takes the Water in; Water Helps to Quench Fire

Overcoming interactions are like war hostiles. The same elements that help to grow, can also destroy. Chinese Astrology connects these five elements to the Zodiac. Each element is associated with a Zodiac Sign and it follows the 12-year cycle.

According to Chinese philosophy, a person’s behaviour is determined by zodiac while the fate by the birth chart. Chinese Zodiac is similar to the Zodiac Signs that we know, your zodiac depends on the date and month of your birth.

Can we bring Luck using the Five Elements?

Humans are lucky in the first place. Yes to be born as a human on earth is a gift and as you read this, know that you are the luckiest. Chinese Philosophy from ancient times proclaims a fact that, if there is Good Feng Shui, there is good luck. Each direction in the ‘qi’ energy is controlled and governed by one element. Earth is in the centre according to Qi.

Identify which is your fixed element. As we said earlier, every zodiac is associated with one element. So, as you get to know your element, identify the element’s direction. The energy direction corresponding to the element is the source of good luck.

Take a look at the chart to know the direction for each element


If you would like to know which element belongs to your Zodiac, take a look at the table below

ElementChinese Zodiac
WoodTiger, Rabbit
FireSnake, Horse
EarthOx, Dragon, Goat, Dog
MetalMonkey, Rooster
WaterPig, Rat

A person’s character and personality are determined using two important aspects according to Chinese ancient philosophy.

  1. Fixed Element of their Zodiac Sign
  2. The Element of the 12-year cycle that they were born

This astrology like the other versions also involves math. The way one predicts the future requires skill and knowledge. Chinese Astrology, though on the outlook we see it to be different, in the end, it all boils down to nature and the Universe which is always constant.

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