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Learn How to Grow Your Business in the Digital Era

Growing your business in the digital era can be a difficult task, however this shouldn’t always be the case.


Reaching a high level of success within the digital era requires a unique and modern twist to your approach.


You need to develop a strategy backed up by predefined marketing objectives, that is tailor-made for the specific needs of the digital platform as a whole which can also take advantage of the most modern technologies and funnels.


You need to always remain relevant and up to date with the latest technologies in order to not be left out and fall behind.


So how do you expand your engagement, reach your goals and grow your business within the digital era?

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Rely on Actual Data

To develop a solid marketing strategy, you need the right tools for the job.

It is usually not the best idea to throw money at marketing if you are not 100% sure what you are planning to do, or what your target audience is.

Start by assessing what the strengths and weaknesses in your brand and company as a whole are, and take the next steps from there.


Through tools such as Artificial Intelligence, you can do an in-depth analysis of your business, and through those statistics create a marketing plan that will ensure positive results.


Through this, your marketing team can analyze data coming from every channel, and create a strategy based on that information.

There are many tools online that can help with this task, however, it doesn’t end by simply analyzing your marketing potential.

Develop a Great Website

Your website is the main way people will find you and reach you.

This is the first impression that you will leave on people and what they will remember you by.

Make sure that your logo and branding as a whole represents your mission and what you want to inspire in the mind of every visitor.


You can hire a team to build a website, or you can use tools such as:

  • WordPress

  • Wix

  • Squarespace



Have Great Customer Support

When you inevitably find success online, you will see a heavy workload on your customer support team.

In today’s digital world, people often rely a lot on the support of any given company in order to achieve their task successfully.


Support can be done in several ways;

One is through content support, which means that you can develop writing argumentative guides, and add a frequently asked questions section in order to effectively and efficiently help out a huge chunk of your users with one swoop. 


However, this method will not work in every single case, as with any service, users might run into a rare bug or get stuck somewhere where your pre-written guides won’t be able to guide them.

According to GetVoIP, you can use AI-powered intelligent chatbots or cloud communication advisors to help your customer support team and collect valuable data about what features your platform is lacking or what issues people are commonly running into so you can resolve them quickly.

Communication Is Key

Many companies rely on social media marketing to share their message across to the end-users of the internet and in turn make them into potential customers. 


Make sure that your company or organization has a clear goal, a slogan of sorts, and that that message is shared across these channels effectively.


As many companies follow the same loop of steps, it can be easy to get lost in the “online ocean” and not stand out.

People genuinely prefer something unique, something honest and something interesting. 


So if you create something to defer you from the rest, your target audience will notice.


Rethink your strategy and implement modern marketing channels such as Influencer Marketing, Podcasts, and Video content.

Make sure you communicate your message across all of these channels.

To effectively advertise yourself on social media, use tools such as:

  • Buffer

  • GetResponse

  • Piktochart

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Find Your Target Audience and Listen

Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool.


People have short attention spans, and little to no time in the modern digital era, so having a product that lacks key features, or isn’t up to standard can quickly drain you of all reputation and relevancy. 

A satisfied customer has a very high chance of recommending your services or products to someone else, and even return back to you whenever he wants something of a similar nature.


Now imagine word of mouth, but it’s done through social media, and to hundreds if not thousands of people at a time.

This is the power of having a high level of engagement, communication, and feedback.

If you listen to what your target audience is saying about you and improve on things that they genuinely want to change, they will develop affection towards your brand and build an entire community around it.

Have a Solid Mission


In other words, remain true to what you initially started, what you truly believed in and what dream you had when you started your brand.


Even though growing your business in the digital era can require you to change things up, implement new technologies, and change the way you think about marketing, one thing should always remain the same, the mission.


In other words, if you fail on this, you might throw a lot of money down the drain trying to advertise something that won’t end up bringing you sales.


This, in most cases, requires trial and error, but once you learn how to grow your business in the digital world, there is nothing stopping you.


With all of these factors in place and a clear mission in mind, you are capable of growing your business in the digital era and remain competitive for years to come.

Always stay up to date on the latest trends and push the limits of what your company can do within the digital playfield.


Andrej Fedek is a digital marketer and partner at DigitalNovas and owner of InterCoolStudio , a blog about digital marketing. His passion is to help startups grow and thrive in a competitive environment.
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