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Learn about Innovation, the key to Swissmem’s success!

The high-quality, innovative products of Swissmem (Swiss Machinery, Electronics and Metals industry) takes it to new heights of success. Swissmem’s inclination towards high technology is responsible for its newfound status. The increasing of technical inventions has increased the number of accumulated shares of the MEM industry from 34 to 46 percent. This rise happened during the years from 2000 and 2012 and was reported by BAK Basel. Peter Dietrich, the director of Swissmem belies that their success is the outcome of high quality standards, cultural broadmindedness  and innovations.

Swissmem is the largest employer in the vocational sector with 331,000 employees. The MEM industry companies also gain 27,5 billion Swiss Francs every year as added value. This value is equivalent to five percent of gross Swiss value. It forms the foundation of the industrial sector.

In 2015, Swissmem celebrated its 75th anniversary. It has been in existence since 1940, providing support to its member companies who have attained leadership in the international market. Swissmem also participated in the ITMA show in Milan and organized workshops on Additive Manufacturing and Innovation.

Swiss also formulated a new concept that it calls FACTOR+. This concept maps out the factors behind the success of its main textile production centers. According to Ms. Cornelia Buchwalder the reason behind the group’s success is “strong innovative power and unmatched quality, as well as the creativity to solve customer challenges…” For instance, Swissmem has seamlessly blended textile technology with airplane manufacture.  Aerospace is a segment in which textile products have an important role to play.

This innovative entrepreneurial attitude is in sync with Switzerland’s reputation in the world due to its engineering background. Swiss textile machinery is famous for its originality and creativity and this provides the impetus to the industry to venture into new avenues. Moreover, their partners could trust them blindly and be sure that they would be dealing with the best in class businesspeople. Thus, they are absolutely reliable and are deeply aware of their customer’s needs and desires. The Swissmem companies are willing to get out of their comfort zones in order to stay ahead of their competitors. They have lived upto their names and used those to leverage their activities. Innovations are their heart and soul that has led to consolidating their success.One of the companies, Crealet, has a new control device for improving  fabric quality and performance in both tucked-in and leno selvedges. This control device increases versatility in weaving tucked selvedge and maintains the warp tensions for leno selvedges. Another company, Polytex have contributed novel and innovative products that are related to the field of Robotics. They have established the world’s first fully-automated sample and shade card mounting machine.

Innovation is the key to success for many businesses. Swissmem has used this concept to the fullest.

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