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Learn more: Increase Organic Search Traffic and CTR with Solutions

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Another way to increase site visitors is to answer questions that users are asked and search for. There is a free answer public tool for finding these questions, which   we talked about in detail in the second step of the article, choosing the right keywords with details. Another tool in this area is which of course is not free.

Increase Organic Search CTR with Solutions

You do not need to be the first link in Google search to attract more traffic. You can rank higher or third with higher CTR techniques. Also, increasing your CTR will put you in a higher position in Google rankings.

 How To Increase Your CTR Link?

The meta content of my site is a very important point that we often overlook. For these reasons, pay attention to the following points:

  • Add numbers to your titles.
  • Write attractive meta descriptions (descriptions shown under the title).
  • Use different titles and check their differences in CTR
  • Bring your content keyword to the URL
  • Do not use the meta title of the subject!

There are many interested people who would like to learn new content in various fields. Holding a webinar will increase the traffic to your site. Emails with the title "Last chance to register" can also be effective in reminding the registration and purchase deadlines.

Pay Attention to On-Page SEO

Optimize your content according to the features of SEO. SEO techniques still have a good effect on being seen by search engines. Therefore, consider SEO methods in preparing content.

Choose Long Keywords

The trend of choosing keywords now goes in the direction that you have to choose longer keywords to be more successful. Keywords of one word or deo of another word will not work. To targeted organic search traffic and  to target more users, choose long keywords to be seen with more searches.

Interview Leaders and Influential People In Your Field And Publish On Your Site

Email people who are well-known in your industry to ask them to talk to you. No one likes to have their name mentioned in the media. If they have enough time, they will definitely respond to your email. So do not stop sending email. Publish the interview on your blog. This will make your brand more credible. Increases the credibility of your site and gets good traffic to your site.

Be Sure to Include Email Marketing In Your Strategies

Currently, there are many startups that seek to introduce themselves and attract more customers by producing content, some of which are probably active in your industry and are your competitors. Most of these businesses try to use the latest methods and forget about the old methods. Email marketing is a very powerful tool that can have a huge impact on site traffic.

We recommend that you read the Email Marketing Learning Block to learn more about it.

Of course, pay attention to the fact that you do not bother the audience by sending incessant emails. But sending friendly emails to specific and regular customers to remind them of new products can increase the traffic to your site.

Speed ​​up your site

We all never wait for even thirty seconds for a site to load. Try to optimize your site technically so that the loading speed of the site is high. In this regard, the size of the inserted photos, page structure and the function of the third party plugin are important features in the speed of the site.

Publish Your Videos on LinkedIn

According to research by the BuzzSumo team, LinkedIn website traffic is one of the fastest growing social networks. Publishing content, especially video, on LinkedIn will have an impact on your website traffic. You can also post your videos on Facebook.

Invite More Users to Your Site By Creating A Forum On Your Website

Users often like to share their experiences on a variety of topics. Creating a discussion space, such as a forum, can attract a large audience who are interested in your industry to your website. For example, the ability for users to create a page and ask a question. Of course, by creating this feature on the website, you should also pay attention to its management. Set rules for it and constantly monitor user activity.

 Do Not Neglect Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool for examining different aspects of your site. Information such as which page of your site has the most visitors or what demographic characteristics of your visitors. Check the Google Analytics data carefully. You can use this information in promotion programs and content strategy.

Check Out Competing Sites in Your Industry

Checking the competitor site is one of the most essential strategies for the website. Using the BuzzSumo tool, you can check your competitors' sites. This site examines the social performance of the sites and tells you what topics these sites have visited the most and, more importantly, the most visited networks. They are socially shared. This way you can find out what users read and talk about the most. Then publish content on your website with these topics.

Publish Listed Content

The bottom line is that according to research, content with a list of titles is shared 6 times more than other posts. This type of content is one of the most popular content styles.

Increase Your Traffic and Alexa Rank with Outbound Marketing

One of the techniques to increase traffic and create awareness of your brand is to start online advertising campaigns.

In this way, you can introduce your products, content and services in the largest Iranian sites through online advertising methods, and in addition buy Alexa rank traffic to increasing site traffic and improving rankings Alexa, boost your business sales as well. The image below shows an example of a matched advertising banner on the media platform.

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