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Learn the Optimal Ways to Wear Sleeveless Tops in 2020

Sleeveless tops are every girl's go-to dress for most occasions. Whether it is a casual outing or a brunch, you just can't go wrong with this simple yet chic outfit. You can easily buy sleeveless designer tops online. They can be paired with multiple bottom wears and jackets. You can even spot the top models like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner experimenting with sleeveless tops with different bottoms. If you are bored with the old ways of wearing sleeveless tops, here are a few optimal ways to flaunt it in 2020:


High-Neck Tops

If you are tired of wearing those traditional U-necklines, switch to these high-neck sleeveless tops. They come in different colors and look best with high-waist jeans, shorts, and skirts. Sleeveless high-neck tops are ideal during moderate weather.


Patterned Tops

Try playing with different patterns, small or big. You can wear a sleeveless patterned top with an oversized shirt and stand out from the crowd. Floral patterns on sleeveless tops are also in trend. 


Linen Tops

Sleeveless linen tops not only look good but are also extremely comfortable to wear. Breezy and easy to carry, they are the best option during summers. This is the perfect top for vacations and casual outings. Pair them with different types of denim and you are sorted. You can learn more about them by following different fashion influencers and designers.


V-Neck Tops

The basic V-neck sleeveless top looks gorgeous with almost everything. They are trendy and casual. You can try monochrome with them or mix-and-match different colors. This has been an all-time favorite for many celebrities from across the world. 


Frills Tops

Sleeveless frilled tops look girly and are a great beach-wear. Pair them with shorts or with a skater skirt. You can also overlayer it with a dungaree to get that extra edgy look.


Fringed Tops

If you want to try the trending boho look, you can buy the fringe sleeveless top. They come in a variety of colors and different levels of fringes. These tops look fabulous with long boots. For an extra bohemian vibe, try them with rugged denim jeans.



Sleeveless sheer tops are the right option if you are in the mood for partying. Wear them with a colourful bralette and denim jeans. 


Side Cuts Tops

Other than various options in the neckline, you can wear the sleeveless tops with a cool side cut. You can easily find these side-cut sleeveless designer tops online. These tops are very cozy during summers. Try them with jeans or with pants; you will look phenomenal and easily stand out from the crowd.



Solid sleeveless tops are a must-have. You can style them in various ways according to your mood. They look good for every occasion. You can wear them with denim pants, palazzos, shorts, skirts, etc. They also look amazing with jackets and shrugs.


Shirt Tops

Sleeveless tops that are in a shirt pattern look unique and interesting. The best part about these tops is that you can experiment with it. They are available with front tie-up, in different types of denim, etc. There are a variety of designer collar pins available for matching with the shirt top. You also get options to wear it formally with blazers or pants or in an Indo-Western way with long skirts. If you don't have one, then you must consider buying it.


Turtle Neck

The turtle neck sleeveless tops are quite famous this year. They look great in warm colors AMPM2020 0313 1836x2844 bde762cb-BMH

. These tops can be paired well with pencil skirts or with low-waist denim jeans.

Boat Neck Tops

A boat neck sleeveless top is the best choice for an Indo-Western look. Other than casual denim, these look stunning with long skirts and dhoti pants. Next time if you attend a wedding, try this Indo-Western fusion and collect compliments.



Sleeveless tops can never go out of style. You can wear them anytime. They are extremely comfortable to wear and available in a large variety of designs. These tops are easy to accessorize and look good with jackets and shrugs. Spend on a few good sleeveless tops and you are sorted.

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