Web design is a cumulation of several skills and disciplines that enable the creation and maintenance of websites. The numerous web design areas include graphic web design, user interface design, authoring, including standardized code and proprietary software, user experience design, and search engine optimization. A cluster of individuals works together to ensure the smooth functioning of different areas. Web designers need to be aware of usability, and if their roles involve creating markup, then it is expected of them to know about web accessibility guidelines. It is a long and detailed process that is perfected over time. Web design courses in Kolkata allow people to sharpen their skills and helps them navigate along the way.

These websites are displayed on the internet and pertain to several aspects. Post-2010s, web design, has witnessed a significant shift from desktop browsers to designing for mobile and tablet browsers. Web designers excel at refining appearance, layout, and seldom the content of the website. With competition on the rise, they try to create more enticing designs, thus attracting audiences.

Appearance centers on colors, font, and images used. And the layout, for instance, refers to how information is structured and categorized. An ideal web design ticks several boxes like aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, and synced with the user group and the brand. Web design courses in Kolkata lay a strong foundation for people to learn different skills effectively.


1) Ultimate web design course

Although web designing may seem complex and intricate at first, Webflow University has simplified the process. They offer free training that enables people to grasp at their own pace and learn more about visual design. The array of concepts schooled here are typography, page design, and user interface design. The course comprises over 100 videos that help beginners grasp the principles of design and other essential fundamentals.

The course commences with the rudiments of web design and advances to more complex operations eventually. Learning Webflow and web design initially require studying the foundation and building your way up. It is a piecemeal process that cannot be rushed. It is very similar to reading a book; you will get confused if you miss something out.

Learning the essential functions will prepare aspiring designers for their destined journey. They will deal with HTML, how CSS classes and subclasses work, how one can build page design with components like containers, divs, grids, etc. CMS is one of the most cardinal features of Webflow and allows individuals to create dynamic blogs. The course will help you get acquainted with it.

2) Building a clean and straightforward website with Webflow

Here, people can learn from a comprehensive course that is distributed step-by-step. It is devised by a creative and enthusiastic individual who talks one through every step of the way. The website is also available to clone for free. This step allows people to see the numerous elements coming together and how they work together in page design. By disintegrating these concepts into smaller holes, understanding them becomes more seamless.

These courses are exceedingly overarching and aim to spare no effort. Web design goes way beyond SEO, div blocks, building navigation, and creating action calls. Despite being a free course, individuals learn vastly and encourage them to thrive in the right direction. Learning straight from the internet is overwhelming because it evades a gradual process.
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3) The Webflow masterclass

This allows people to work with clients and create a lucrative business opportunity. The masterclass is a perfect synergy of competent and enlightenment, inspiring ambitious designers. It not only helps people sharpen their inert designer but project an entrepreneurial spirit and be someone who can charge a premium for what they do. It helps people grasp concepts like how much they should charge a client.

Being a freelance designer can often be confusing. Hence, pricing and design skills go hand-in-hand. They both need honing to make the experience a well-rounded one. Pursuing this course will help broaden one's horizons and go beyond templates. It opens new opportunities and enables people to tap into their creative potential.


Web design courses have been highly prolific in the last few years. Designers are showing increased inclination in learning and attempting it. While some people may be inborn designers, others have to polish themselves over time. Learning UX and UI are significant facets of web design. It helps people understand the architecture and functionality. A cumulation of these functions will help them maneuver the website better.