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Legal sites for streaming movies


If you are looking for legal resources to watch streaming movies and tv shows for free, there are many online portals for perfectly legal streaming with many movies and TV series of all kinds.

The term " streaming " means the ability to see and hear the transmission of an audio and video signal via the Internet, without it being completely downloaded.

In the past it was necessary to wait for the download of the file to finish; all this is thanks to the progress made with modern connections that are able to transmit audio and video even in 4K resolution and HDR.

The contents transmitted in streaming are: football matches, TV series, films, music and exclusive live events on pay TV. Before leaving you to legal methods to stream your favorite content, remember what a user risks for viewing copyrighted material.

Legal streaming with the best sites

After this detailed introduction in which we have seen what streaming is and the related risks due to illicit use, let's move on to legal platforms to watch movies and TV series. The proposals indicated, in almost all cases, transmit videos in high definition (Full HD or 4K) and with excellent audio quality.

Excellent portal, free and equipped with very recent titles, through which it is possible to watch live rai channels but also films, documentaries, music, TV series and fiction. Just log in (even with Facebook or Google) and, with the button at the top left consisting of three lines, access the menu with all the contents. You can also use content streaming on smartphones and tablets with Android or iOS apps.

Very similar to the previous one, it allows you to watch in addition to the live broadcasts of all the Mediaset channels and also a lot of films, TV series and fiction. You can also review everything from mobile devices by downloading the respective applications for Android and iPhone. you can also visit concerts near me to get your seats booked for a film festival.

It is a portal concentrated mostly on TV series, documentaries and entertainment programs, talent shows and quizzes. It is accessible via Android and iOS apps.

Not everyone knows this but there are also full movies on YouTube. The well-known video portal known by all has a good number of films which, although not very recent, are still interesting and legally distributed.

It is a platform with a wide choice that relies on external streaming services, from which it collects links to other video portals.

It is a site where there are various films, even if not very well known. The service relies heavily on Youtube and other video streaming portals.

This portal is very famous for having Japanese anime. It is sufficient to register via Facebook or with username and password and click on the menu at the top. Much of the legal content available is supported by pre-viewing video advertisements; however, nothing particularly annoying.

Oreo TV

One of the best free streaming services out there, it lets you stream over 6000 different tv channels for free. Oreo Tv for PC can be best described as a free cable or dish connection. You get access to thousands of channels from different countries and different genres, all for free. Whether you are looking for news, sports or entertainment, it has all. The only problem I can think of is choosing what to watch when you have so many channels to choose from, but hey its always better to have too many options than to have no options.

Legal streaming: paid platforms but to be exploited for free

Disney +

New service available March 24, 2020. Free 7-day trial will be available soon.

It offers the opportunity to see all Disney content (animated and non-animated films), Pixar films, TV series and productions dedicated to Star Wars, Marvel and National Geographic documentaries. The catalog also offers the possibility to see 500 episodes of the Simpsons. It is available for any existing platform (switching from smart TV to Apple TV, Android, iOS, game console). The price is also very competitive (€ 6.99 per month for 4 devices at the same time). Read our in-depth study here: All about Disney +.



It is the most used legal streaming service in the world and includes, in addition to films, also documentaries and TV series. The behemoth often produces content available exclusively on its platform. To use Netflix, it is possible to take advantage of a month of free subscription and cancel shortly before the expiration, with also a notice 3 days before the expiry. In case you are interested, take a look at our article: How to save money by sharing your Netflix subscription.

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