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Legitimate Jobs That Pay You To Travel

Getting paid to travel around the world is a dream job that almost every normal nine-to-five worker would want. Working a nine-to-five typically means having a limited amount of time to take a break from work and enjoy a sweet vacation. But the good news is that there are many available jobs that allow people to make a living traveling. Here are examples of traveling jobs that pay you to work and explore all at once:

Driving Jobs That Allow You To Travel The Country

If you are interested to do work that requires traveling, but are not a fan of hopping on a plane each time, consider truck driving jobs. These jobs allow you to drive and transport items all over the country. If you always wanted to travel but never have any time to, truck driving pays you to do that. Not only does truck driving allow you to explore different states, the pay is also decent. You can expect to make up to six figures annually, or $65 an hour. Even as a beginner, you can make $35 an hour with little to no experience.

Get Paid To Travel While Blogging

This particular travel job is probably the most exciting option yet, because you get to blog about the people, places, travel and more. You get to write about your experience within the country of what you liked and even what you didn’t like. In fact, the information that you share is so important that you can get paid up to $30,000 a month. That is the other beauty about travel blogging, you are your own independent worker. It is considered a self-employed job, so you have more freedom in the work you do. But in order to make a living with this, you have to keep a consistent work ethic of blogging at first. Then, the more you blog, the more money you make.

Get Paid To Be a Photographer

Taking pictures all around the world and getting paid decent money to do so is one of the best ways to make money while traveling. People and companies all over the world are willing to pay travel photographers thousands of dollars. Although it does take some practice to take great pictures worth decent money. It’s ideal to take some photography classes first to get excellent practice and eventually earn excellent pay.

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