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Let Our Professional Team Create the Beautiful Space You Want:

Loft conversion Suffolk:

Let the experts at Komplex Timberworks LTD help you make a beautiful space as you want, add the value of your home with our professionally intended and expertly executed Loft Conversion Suffolk.

That’s why we offer a wide-ranging loft conversion and extension service across Suffolk which guides you through the procedure – right from design to beautification. With our expert-drawn designs – or your projects if you’d choose – we’ll build and install your vision loft space, precisely to your requirements. We’ll even accomplish all those not-so-exciting parts, such as scheduling and building control, so you don’t take to. Do you want to refresh your home, make the best use of your space, and add value to your property? if you want to know more about loft conversions and extensions and book your free quotation, call us now.


  •          Design and installations
  •          Building control approved
  •          Plastering and screeding
  •          Plans and structural services
  •          Carpentry and joinery

Dormer Loft Conversions:

Most proprietors seeing a Loft Conversion Suffolk naturally select a dormer conversion. This is the kind of loft conversion for the addition of extra headroom to low-height loft space, creating the room more practical. The project includes adding a new extension to your possessions from your present pitched roof, making a box-shaped structure that projects from the angles of the roof.

A dormer loft conversion is alike to a mansard conversion. Though, the dormer’s box-shaped extension generates much more space than the extra space added by the laxer, inclined mansard.

Main Benefits of a Dormer Loft Conversion:

The main advantage here is space, which is why dormer loft conversions are so common. With planned arrangement and qualified design, a good dormer could enhance as much as 50 cubic metres of handy space to your home, which makes it perfect if you’re starting to feel a little confined, or if you’re expecting a new addition. And as an advantage, this new space will be sunny and airy thanks to the dormer windows. These are intended to draw natural light into the area, for a new and welcoming touch.

Velux Loft Conversion:

If you like the complete size and visual of your home, a Velux loft conversion could be accurately what you want. It'll make a little more living space without affecting the general structure of the property. This style of loft conversion makes well use of what you already have, converting your present loft space into something more hands-on and functional. During this process, the shape of the roof Is retained, loft fitted out by using strategic, careful design with Velux windows installed into the rafters.

Main Benefits of a Velux Loft Conversion:

Loads of benefits of a Velux loft conversion here, but perhaps the main is that this kind of project is predominantly cost-effective. It doesn’t alter the construction of the roofline. This means that there's generally a lot less construction work tangled than when performing other conversion works, such as dormer and hip to gable loft conversions. It'll usually take less time, helping to preserve the cost down and lessening disruption.

Another boundless benefit of Velux loft conversion is that Velux windows are admirable for drawing in and make the best use of natural light. If your present loft space is quite compressed and dark, a Velux loft conversion can help make the impression of more space, only by overflowing the area with lively, natural light.

Hip to Gable Loft Conversions:

Several homes have what’s identified as a gable end. This is an upright side among the sloped front and rear. Though, there are some possessions – particularly properties in Suffolk made with a ‘hip’ end, which is tilted rather than vertical. This extra slope regularly means that these homes have much slighter and more awkward loft spaces. This replaces the hipped roof with a gable end, certainly increasing your loft space. It's the most operative way to give yourself room to use your loft for your favorite purpose.

Uses of a Hip to Gable Conversion:

A hip to gable loft conversion project will regularly result in very important changes to your property’s roofline, which can lead to the formation of a vast quantity of space. This type of loft conversion is one of the best for creating most of your loft’s potential. This means that a hip to gable conversion can be used for a vast assortment of determinations, specially where space is of the utmost reputation. We understand these conversions being used for children’s play areas, home offices, lounges, and spacious bedrooms.

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