Let’s Change Your Relationship With Alcohol & Adopt The New Healthy Trend


Have you been a heavy drinker for years? But now you have decided to quit drinking completely, so here's our quick post to go through about non-alcoholic drinks. Our post reveals a series of steps to help you cut down alcohol intake totally and get you started towards the right path. 


#1 Accept Life With Less or No Alcohol 

Without any doubt, the whole process of quitting alcohol and adopting something less harmful is going to be a life changing thing. However, everything is not going to happen overnight. Well, we won't suggest you quit hanging out with friends and family. You can enjoy and socialise the same way you used to, but with a better alternative. Yes, you read it right. 


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Recently, non-alcoholic beer in the UK has been trending among young and old aged individuals. After all, mildly poisoning yourself with a healthier alternative is not going to hurt you at all. So, consider those weekdays as regular days, and make your weekend nights fun, memorable, and peaceful with a gluten free beer. 

#2 Believe in Your Sage Version 

Most of us normally consider ourselves as an unchanging whole. However, we all have different characteristics to our personalities, tendencies, and habits. The fact is that some of us don't serve them at all - and some do serve all. This is where you need to recognise your intelligent version to feel more relaxed and good. Or else, we should mention how life and relationships experts call it the "Gratification Monkey." 


You can Kill two birds with one stone by making healthy resolutions every Christmas or New Year to feel highly determined and positive. Even if you opt for drinking alcohol-free beer this year, make sure that you feel better with your decision every day. 

#3 Keep Yourself in Charge 

According to the popular happiness expert Gretchen Rubin, "Habits are the ethereal architecture of routine life, and nearly forty per cent of that is shaped with our normal habits." 


You can practice meditation or something like yoga to access the wise version of yourself. Well, it can certainly be a perfect way to take control of your mindful experience and not leave your frame of mind to any external event. No matter how bad the traffic is, how bad it is raining outside, or how much work pressure you had in the whole day, you need to keep yourself in an energised state. 


In a nutshell, it is really important to recognise habits that leave you good and motivated. With this, don't forget to know what drains your energy. Social media or constant gaming can be something that may leave most of us drained at times, but habits like meditation, painting, trekking, and socialising with family and friends will always give you a boost. And yes, a flavour packed non-alcoholic beer is a great idea for keeping up that social life without compromising your health. 

#4 Share Your Story, Inspire Others 

Did you know that most life, health, and relationships coaches approve that to stick to a healthy habit, socialising is the best thing to start with? The more you generally get to know what your family and friends are doing, the easier you can stick to the habit. What happens is that we all have an in-built proneness to other people's outlook. So if your family and friends expect you not to drink, it will make it much easier for you to sustain their expectations. 


With such a huge change of quitting alcohol and consuming something like an alcohol-free tipple, your friends will happily get something similar for you. And guess what is more surprising? Your family and friends may also start cutting down alcohol and considering gluten free IPA, gluten-free non-alcoholic drinks.