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Let’s Diffuse the Wrong Talks — Common Myths About Digital Signage and the Truth Behind Them!

The future of branding and marketing has finally arrived! With signage and digital signage, branding gets a facelift. It helps you customise your choices and represent your brand in the most captivating way, and that too all throughout the year, day and night! Businesses of all sorts -- from small start-ups to flourishing giants and masterminds -- use signage technology to give the desired push to their brand. Digital signs have the power to increase sales, boost the amount of foot traffic, along with offering a dynamic advertising source with the flexibility and impact your growing businesses requires to differentiate itself from the competitors (and emerge a winner too!).

Positive results in your marketing strategy are guaranteed with the installation of creative signage in Adelaide by the Weather Maker. They pride in creating excellent signage that can complement well with any kind of marketing strategy and provide impressive results in boosting your business. These signs beautifully display various important marketing messages like your specialities, impromptu discounts, etc. about your business – stuff that customers can immediately get attracted to!

Don’t ever believe these myths about signage!

Even though the recent years have faced the epitome of technology and digitalisation in all sectors, there are businessmen who are still afraid of opening up to excellent technological boons like digital signage. They continue to use the old school paper pen method or write up any message on a blackboard rather than accepting signage banners. Well old school has its own charm. But technology has its own edge. Why not embrace it? Afraid of myths? We suggest looking beyond these myths and understanding the practicality of the situation! Let’s bust a few common deterrents!

  • Digital signage is an expensive technology — We accept the fact that initially any kind of digital technology was very expensive, including the signages. But recently, when everything is being digitised, the competition for the same has been growing too. This helped to bring down the costing, making digital signage an easily affordable facility.
  • Digital signage is difficult to install — We are sure that is what your workers would be telling you every time you bring about the topic of installing digital signage boards. Though it was heavy to load and transport before, but today even the materials utilised in making them are easy to carry and are quite lightweight. Plus, the supplier organises everything for you from transportation and installation, taking the burden off your shoulders!
  • Electricity cost for digital signage are far too much — There’s a common notion coming with the digital signage that it is a heavy burden on your utility bills. Well, to some extent that can be true. But there are also certain companies getting it prepared for you with LED, which are super pocket-friendly too.
  • Digital signage is difficult to manage — You may be under the notion that you’ll need to hire a trained personal or engineer to manage your digital signage. While in reality, this requires just the basic knowledge of internet and it’s working – like, operating YouTube and similar other applications.  Moreover, if you still are hesitant to use and manage it, there are certain signage providers offering free training for the same.
  • You should wait for technology to mature—Some of us are still waiting, anticipating for the incredible to happen. What we often think is that signage needs more upgradation and it isn’t yet the best time to install it for our marketing purposes.  There are undoubtedly lots of chances for further upgrades in the digital signage technology. But the same goes for anything and everything else designed by humans! The existing digital signages are already a complete package! With 4K displays and HD features, digital signage applications are reigning the marketing world.

There is no practical reason to be intimidated by the concept of using digital signage in today’s world. These are powerful tools for marketing accessible at affordable price points. Make awesome use of signage technology in order to drive higher revenues and generate great, relevant, upgraded advertising without expensive third-party software or the need of hiring a designer. Positive steps in technology have made these displays more cost-effective, more brilliant, more accessible, more user-friendly, and even more energy-efficient than ever.

Eada Hudes
Eada Hudes
Eada Hudes is an student whose experiences in life make her really tougher than anyone else. She can lend you expert tips on diverse topics ranging from relationship to fashion, making money, health and so on. Her write-ups are a window into her thoughts and knowledge.
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