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Let’s Go To the Upside Down with Stranger Things

If you haven’t seen Netflix’s Stranger Things yet, people will definitely say you’re missing out. This Science Fiction and Horror show has definitely been a fan favourite since its release of its first Season in 2016. The show has since grown more and more popular, obtaining a total of 40.7 million views for Season 3, so it’s clear that this show will continue to draw viewers in for many years to come. Keep reading for a short but sweet description about each series.

Based in a made up town called Hawkins in Indiana, the show focuses on school kids Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, Will Byers, El (Eleven), and in later seasons Max Mayfield. All 3 seasons document the strange happenings coming from the ‘Upside Down’. Sounding like your thing? You can find this TV series on Netflix, but this popular streaming platform can only be viewed on Smart TV’s, so if you want to splash out on a new TV, you may also need a new aerial. You will need to get in touch with a Cheltenham Aerial Installation company to have your aerial looked at and a new one installed.

Season 1

Set in 1983, the start of the series focuses on the mysterious disappearance of Will Byers. The Season progresses to a young girl called El with psychokinetic powers, who escapes from the scientists that perform scientific experiments on her at Hawkins National Laboratory. She later comes across Mike, who helps hide her from her captors, and In return she uses her powers to assist him and his friends on their journey to find Will. The “Upside Down” world, which turns out to be an alternate dimension, becomes the sole focus of the series, you find out later in the series that Will has been kidnapped by a Monster from the ‘Upside Down’.

Season 2

Everything is back to normal, Will is home and reunited with his friends, or so you think… Will can’t shake off the traumatic happenings from the ‘Upside Down’, and experiences nightmares about the ‘Mind Flyer’ - a large creature with long tentacles, Eleven has disappeared, and the threat of Monsters from the alternate universe is still very much alive. Mike, his friends and newcomer Max join forces in trying to locate El.

Season 3

It is the Summer of 1985, surely this season will be less strange? This is not the case, as even though the ‘Upside Down’ world has been closed off, there still seems to be strange happenings in Hawkins, Indiana. The team fear that their town is still in danger.

The Upside Down appears to be a reflection of the real world, with structures and even trees in approximately the same place as their 1983 counterparts. While the buildings and other structures in the Upside Down are analogues to the real world, they are dilapidated and in ruinous condition. It constantly appears to be dark in the Upside Down, no matter the time of day in the real world. Chunks of particulate dust are constantly falling and swirling through the air in the Upside Down, even while indoors. I think many people assumed at first that this was snow, as it does appear to be colder in the Upside Down than in the real world.

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