Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Lets reintroduce sola wood flowers

Wood flowers, like a marriage, are meant to last a lifetime.


Suppose you admire the artistry that goes into exquisite floral design and wants to keep it for a long time. Wood flowers are the ideal solution! Since the flowers never wilt or die, you won't have to think about saving them after your wedding!


Sola wooden bouquet and sola wood flowers are not only less costly than most real flower bouquets or centerpieces, but they still last for years. Wooden flowers for weddings have been very popular in recent years, and you can see easily why.


Wooden flowers are, in certain ways, just what you think they are. Although most wooden flowers conjure up visions of rough, carved designs, this is not always the case. The wood of Aeschynomene Aspera, a marshy herb, or the bark of balsa tree wood is used to make wooden flowers. The wood of the stem, also known as Sola (or shola), is used to produce everything from hats to, more recently, flowers. Wooden flowers made from cassava plants can also be seen. Sola wood flowers are made by hand, and they are 100% bio-degradable.

The durability of wood flowers:

Wooden flowers, if adequately cared for, can last a lifetime. Keep these flowers in an airtight container in a cold, dry place. It's also best to keep your flowers out of direct sunlight if at all possible, particularly if they're dyed.


Sola wood flowers are delicate, and sometimes they lose their shape, but just with the help of plain water, you can reform the original shape of sola wood flowers.

Uses of sola wood flowers in décor:

Let us look at the various ways in which you can use sola wood flowers:

  • Sola wooden bouquet, wooden centerpieces, boutonnieres, corsages, and sola wood flower crowns are the most popular and common products made of sola wood flowers used as wedding flowers.

  • Making corsages and boutonnieres either for weddings or for prom nights or any other occasion is also done by sola wood flowers. Wooden flowers provide miniatures of real blooms to adjust in these floral accessories perfectly.

  • It's not uncommon to see sola wood flowers used in crafts and home décor. Sola wood has long been used in the Indian subcontinent and other Asian countries for arts and crafts. Sola wood is also used to create lovely god and goddess statues, garlands, showpieces, paintings, and a variety of other art items.

  • Sola wood flowers are also great for home decor. You may use them in your home or office as centerpieces or vase arrangements. They are simple to care for, don't wilt, and stay new and lovely for a long time.

  • You can quickly reuse sola wood flowers for other purposes. For e.g., to match your Christmas decorations, simply re-dye the flowers in your living room centerpiece. What a fantastic way to save money and time.



Sola wood flowers are beautifully crafted handmade flowers that have become an impressive alternative for natural flowers. From their affordability, availability for the whole year, color and size customization to eco-friendly nature and pollen-free features, wood flowers provide countless ways to make these blooms an essential part of décor.


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Daniel Zayas
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