Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Let’s Understand Various Impact of covid 19 on Human Life

Nowadays, covid 19 is the biggest issue all over the world, and every nation is facing a challenge to control this pandemic of the century.  Due to this, people have to follow the self-quarantine rule and all governments in every region of the world applied lockdown to control this virus.  Here, people can read about the Covid-19 and its impact on human life, environment, and national economy and in many other fields so keep reading:

Let’s have a look at the following information to be familiar with the few impacts of Covid 19. 

Negative impact

  • Firstly, China faces this problem, drowning under the waste during the time of the fight against this virus as there were the uses of a mask, hazmat suits, treatment, containers, etc on a large scale. This problem is also faced by every country after China. 

  • More than 18.6 lakh infected globally and 1.15 lakh people lost their lives. 

  • Due to this virus, there was a major downfall in the global economy as everything was stopped so there were no industrial activities in all over the world. Most of the people lost their jobs all around the world.

Positive impact: 

  • Covid 19 can be considered as a blessing for the environment as due to the complete lockdown in any nations; the the environment got cleaned and even in the most polluted country of the world the the pollution level has dropped 25 % down even in the most polluted country of the world. To add on, people also understand the value of a clean environment or money as well.

Impact on student life: 

Due to the consequence of this epidemic, students take assistance from online classes through mobile phones and self-study. The extra use of such devices (Mobile or Laptops) put a negative impact on the human body as it can disturb their sleeping habits, affect weight, mental health, and sometimes, few students also misuse the electronic device.  Moreover, the study found that person deal with stress and anxiety obtained different coping devices. It can harm the eye side of kids and it also becomes quite difficult for them to understand the study concept through mobile phone.  

Moving forward, the coronavirus has overseen the world to an outstanding nation health emergency. Emergency protocol was carried out all over the world to control the feast of the virus, which is control on unnecessary movement by the public, make distance from each other, or self-quarantine. By the reason of this disease, the study is affected because schools and institutions were closed but online classes were started as per instructions by the government. For improving the e-learning knowledge the institutions are coerced to acknowledge the approach and suggestions by the administrative agencies while protecting students encourage continuing to study in this situation.

To add on, the immediate advancement at such a high order has impacted the learners of all age groups. The learners from the less confidential environments have to face a large impact due to covid 19 like less family income, limited digital resources, the high connection of the internet has been distributed the academic life of the students. 

Several changes in daily routine – Most of the changes occur in daily routine like lack of outdoor activities, disturbing sleeping pattern, social distancing affected the mental and physical well being.

There is a wide division between the policy of the administration and its performance of online tuition. The mental status of the students is the different age group comprises different parameters like sleeping habits, fitness routine and social document. Now discuss the coping abilities deals with this circumstance.

        Methods and purposes:  

        Study design: The survey was performed on the students with the help of Google: it’s comprised of four groups – 

  • First is the general demographic of the person like age, region, or residence

  • Collect the information about the online learning tuition, time spent on this, and the mode of study or self-study time.

  • Experience of online study or enjoyment among the students.

  • Health condition due to the changes in lifestyles like sleeping time, weight changes, no of meals. The main aim of the survey is to collect information about the impact of covid 19 in different age groups.

 Statistical analysis: 

This test was collecting the important distinction in the time spent on the activities by the different age groups. Check the response between personal health with the variables of attention. 

Ethical consideration: It is informed to the person about the study but no one has forced for the study survey or no identified information was collected.


The given information is quite useful to understand that there are two types of the major impact of the covid 19 that is negative and positive, and the whole world is going through Covid 19 and its impact.  People just need to follow some instructions to keep themselves safe from this dangerous virus.

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