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Life of Designer After This Pandemic - Same or Different?

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The pandemic brought upon the world due to the existence of the COVID’19. The virus has proven to be the deadliest threat humanity has ever faced and is still facing. Regular life has been disrupted, and lockdowns have been implemented worldwide in multiple parts of the world. The virus has brought with it stress, loss of life, and damage to businesses that countries are still trying to battle every day.

One of the sectors that are largely impacted by the virus is the online industry, i.e., the UI/UX design segment. It has gained a massive focus and a shift in the market because of lockdown in most of the world. It is because people are homebound and have resorted to online shopping for clothes, food, grocery, etc.

With the increasing demand for websites and mobile apps, businesses also want sleek and flawless UI/UX design for their digital products. Hence COVID’19 has influenced the trends in recent times.

The Effect of COVID’19 on UI/UX Design

Increase in demand

As the market has shifted towards e-commerce and mobile apps, so have customers. Users have started purchasing online now more than ever. According to Statista, global retail websites have experienced 14.34 billion visits in March 2020, which increased from 12.81 billion in January 2020.

The increase in demand for apps has put some stress on the UI/UX design. Businesses want to build UI designs that offer a seamless UX and help them retain customers.

Better websites

The market has inclined towards websites just as much as mobile apps. People are working from home, and in their free time, they find it easier to browse websites for purchasing essentials. As a result, business owners are focusing on a smoother UI/US design that keeps the customers interested in staying. If the website lags or low page speeds, then the firm loses business.

Understanding Customers

Ever since websites have faced larger traffic, businesses have shifted their UI/UX design to the needs of the customers. UI/UX design is much more focused on what customers will enjoy and love interacting with. Websites and mobile apps are becoming more optimized with regular updates and quality checks.

Goal-oriented UI/UX Design

The digital world is going through a major change with the rise in demand. So, when businesses start building or updating their UI/UX design, they make sure to focus on one or two goals at best. If you fixate on limited goals, you’ll be able to tend to your users better. Don’t create a cluster of elements on your website layout or app interface.

Focus on the ‘LEAD’ Experience

Businesses can only manage to prosper and retain users if they focus on the ‘LEADS’ experience. The word LEAD stands for Light, Ethical, Accessible, and Data-full.

·         Light – It means that the UI/UX design should be simple, fast, and smooth for every user.

·         Ethical – The brand should be easy to trust for customers.

·         Accessible – The brand should be relevant and attend to user needs.

·         Data-full – The website should be adaptive.

During the COVID’19, the designers have been encouraged to focus on getting LEADS right so that they can gain more business.

UI/UX Design Post-COVID’19

While COVID’19 has encouraged businesses to take their online presence and business seriously, it has also presented some newer trends. Businesses have shifted and changed the way they work. Here are some UI/UX design trends that are expected to be seen on the top, when the is rid of COVID’19.

AI-focused UI

AI-focused UI isn’t a new concept, but that doesn’t make it irrelevant. Businesses will focus on AI-integrated UI design. AI will be carefully designed to make sure it offers a personalized and smoother experience to users.

Minimal Physical Interaction

COVID’19 brought with the latest paradigm of zero physical interaction. People were forced into their homes to stay safe, which has eliminated any or most interactions. Post COVID’19, companies will strive to maintain touchless interactions by offering in-app menus and remote wallets.

Quicker Interactions

Users and potential customers tend to get annoyed and abandon the website if the process is too long. Businesses need to find a way to make the process quicker and smoother by allowing one-step purchases. It ensures that you get business and the customer’s attention.

Voice-driven Digital Products

People are on-the-go today, and they’ll be in a hurry forever. The greatest feature of any smartphone has to be the voice assistant. Wherever people are, and whatever they need, all they need to do is command their voice assistant. The UI/US design for a conversational voice assistant is still a concept. In the light of touchless interactions, UI/UX voice assistants will prevail and hold a considerable share in the market. People will find it easy to interact with voice-activated UI/UX design than clicking on the screen or with a mouse.

Increase in Personalization

In the light of AI-integrated UI/UX design, the designers will move forward into making digital products more personalized. The experience that users will enjoy will be more user-specific and based on what they like to see. The AI-integrated design will offer users an experience that is based on their behavior, likes, and dislikes. A wonderful experience ensures maximum customer satisfaction.

Multiple Touchpoints for Customers

Customers engage and purchase from a business using multiple interfaces, whether it’s a website or a mobile app. Being a business owner, you need to ensure that customers have multiple touchpoints. To ensure the experience with the business is consistent, it’s important to make sure the UI/UX design is the same on the website and mobile app. Additionally, any business with a successful website should invest in a mobile app to offer customers multiple mediums.

The Future of UI/UX Designers

The rise of COVID’19 has put UI/UX designers on the map. Their future is about to change for that part of the business. The designers will have their work cut out for them to ensure they offer a better experience than their competitors. By the end of COVID’19, most businesses will own either a website or a mobile app, and to withstand the competition, businesses will need amazing UI/UX design. To hire decent UI/UX designers, we encourage you to explore options of logo design agencies at Top firms. You won’t be disappointed!

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