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Link Building for Startup Companies: What It Is and How to Have More Opportunities

In this digital world, there are tons of ways on how to make yourself creative with a broad range of marketing techniques and ideas. Whether you're someone who wants to start a new company or you already established one, there are a lot of ways regarding link building that involve a "not-so-huge" budget but with satisfactory results. 


Yes, it's true that budget is never an issue for huge companies which results in more opportunities along the way. However, this doesn't mean that small businesses can no longer grow. Just a right amount of setting goals and strategies and they're ready to go.


If you're a small firm, all you have to get ready are the necessary knowledge and tools to formulate a successful marketing strategy that will bring you one step ahead of your goal: to reap the fruits of your strategy in search engine optimization results.


However, before we dig deeper into the ways on how to increase your brand's presence online, let's figure out what SEO is and the effect of increased link building opportunities to it.


What do you mean by search engine optimization?





SEO or search engine optimization, by definition, is the process of ensuring that when someone searches a particular topic, the site appears as one of the search engine results which hence, increases the number of visitors and potential clients of a particular site.


How does it matter in SEO?


The rule of thumb is when you get more quality backlinks, your website is more likely to rank in different search engines. This rule means that when you have more high-quality backlinks, more people are trusting your site and are referring you to a thing or a particular service where you're passionate.


Just like referrals, links are also hard to get. You can only get this easily when you pay them. Google used this linking factor since it thinks this is a way to see how many people find value in what you offer.


Your total number of either high-quality or low-quality links is the one that defines how important or valuable your site is to your audience. The thing is even when you've got helpful posts that you can brag about, if your audience does not link to your website, Google and other search engines will still not acknowledge how useful your site is.


You may be asking why? It is because Google and other search engines are none other than machines. Links are their only way to determine how valuable your site is.


Link building is one of the most common yet crucial parts of any SEO strategy. Therefore, if you're running an SEO company (e.g.,, you take advantage of these events for cheap link building opportunities.


Press Release Mentions


It is always an opportunity for your site if a particular website mentions your link. If an article in that particular site does not put your link, feel free to approach the blog owner (especially when they made one of your articles as their source). If you have a small Press Release team in your office, communicate with them, and list all the mentions you get from other websites.


If you don't have one, you can just register your business in Google Alerts for you to receive notifications every time your brand name, the name of your product, an employee's name, or even the logo of your company is in an article.


Event Attendance




Attending an event, speaking for an event, sending one of your brand's representatives, and taking part in any activities, on any occasion, is also one of the good sources of opportunities for link building. When we say presence, it may be personal or even through a video conference. Your attendance is a must.




If you're one of the sponsors of a racing event, for example, or a festival carnival, or let's say a charity event, then it would be best to approach the event organizer to mention your site's link on the website. You may think it's not that important to have your website's link mentioned, but I tell you, it's a bonus.




Let's say you're working in collaboration with some other brands in your circle and those brands advertise your products and services on their website, make sure to tell them to link their site to yours or mention the link of your site. 


Don't worry because doing so does not violate Google's guidelines. For your link to be in your associates' site, you can also include their site's link in the "Partner's Page" section. You need to do this because Google does not allow this and penalizes sites that are exchanging links directly. 




Takeaway and Author Credits


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Johnny Chen is the lead SEO specialist at Johnny Chen SEO internet marketing. Over the years of research and development, he has continued to expand towards making website conversion more applicable for his onboarding clients with additional services such as content creation, social media distribution, and web development.


You see, getting backlinks for your site is not easy (aside from sponsored ones though). However, if you apply one of these opportunities mentioned above, without getting yourself charged for more money, then you can already gain so much for your business. 


Approaching the site owner or anyone in charge to mention your brand's name on their website will not hurt you, and will let you have nothing to lose (especially when your brand is already on their site).


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